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Modders are getting to work on patching Monster Hunter World

Back when Nier Automata launched on PC, the port came with some performance problems. These issues were swiftly fixed by Steam user ‘Kaldaien’, and now, the modder is turning his efforts to Monster Hunter World with a mod to fix certain issues with the game.

The Special K mod will contain various fixes for Monster Hunter World on PC for those having issues. Currently, features of the mod include HUDless screenshots, texture/button mods, pre-HUD ReShade and fixes for Fullscreen Exclusive problems. It also fixes HDR10 display output if you happen to have a HDR display.

In the future, the mod may get aspect ratio correction. Others are also working on aspect ratio mods for Monster Hunter World, as 21:9 support is currently non-existent.

Unfortunately, since Monster Hunter World uses Denuvo anti-tamper protection, there is only so much modders can do. We also don’t know how installing mods will impact players partying up and doing multiplayer hunts.

KitGuru Says: Some players have been having issues with Monster Hunter World, so hopefully mods like this help. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a 21:9 mod myself, unless official support gets patched in later.

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