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Nintendo awarded $2 million in case against Switch hacking tool sellers

Back in May, Nintendo took aim at a retailer known as Uberchips, taking legal action against the store for selling hacking tools to enable piracy on Nintendo Switch consoles. The case has had a quick turnaround, with a judge ordering the seller to pay $2 million in damages to Nintendo. 

Nintendo's main reason for going after Uberchips was due to the upcoming selling of devices known as SX Core and SX Lite. These are purchasable hardware mods that can be added to the Nintendo Switch to avoid usual security protections and boot pirated games, similar to the R4 cards back in the Nintendo DS days.

As reported by TorrentFreak, a judge awarded Nintendo a permanent injunction against Uberchips and also ordered that all defendants jointly pay $2 million in damages to Nintendo. Each party involved in the case will bear its own costs and attorney fees, so the damages don't include payment for Nintendo's lawyers.

A list of restrictions imposed on the defendants also prohibits trafficking Switch hacking tools, creating apps and any other actions that may contribute to the Switch modding community. The domain name, UBERCHIPS.COM must also be transferred to Nintendo.

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KitGuru Says: This isn't the first case of this kind that Nintendo has won and it likely won't be the last. Given how well the Nintendo Switch is selling, Nintendo is likely going to continue to be extra aggressive to avoid software piracy. 

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