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Nvidia releases hotfix driver to fix lingering bugs

Every so often, some unexpected bugs are found in driver updates that warrant a quick fix. Recently, some issues cropped up with Nvidia's GeForce 460.89 Game Ready driver, so a hotfix update is now available to download. 

Nvidia's GeForce Hotfix display driver version 460.97 is based on the previously released 460.89 driver. The hotfix tackles five known bugs, including a BSOD, stuttering in Marvel's Avengers and an issue with HDR.

Here's the list of issues addressed with the hotfix driver:

  • Some apps that use NVML may not detect GPU
  • Stutter may be observed with some configurations in Marvel's Avengers
  • Lenovo Y740 may display corruption on waking from sleep
  • Some notebooks may BSOD when waking from sleep while connected to external monitor via dock/dongle
  • With HDR enabled, black levels are incorrect.

If you aren't experiencing any of these issues, then you don't necessarily need to download and install the hotfix. If you have encountered these problems though, then you can grab the new driver HERE.

KitGuru Says: Did any of you encounter any of these issues after the latest Game Ready driver release? Has the hotfix update fixed things for you? 

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