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Oculus Quest 2 buyers finding themselves banned when linking Facebook account

The Oculus Quest 2 has officially released and alongside the new headset, new terms and conditions require users to link their Oculus and Facebook accounts moving forward. Unfortunately, this process is already proving to be a complete mess, with people finding their Oculus and Facebook accounts banned after trying to set up the headset. 

The discussion here starts over on Reddit, where one user had their newly created Facebook account, complete with real name, banned 10 minutes after linking it with their Oculus account. u/weavster sent their photo ID to Facebook support to get this reversed but was told that the decision can't be reversed. Getting banned on Facebook also suspends your Oculus account, locking you out of any games you've previously purchased.

Another user went to activate their Facebook account and found themselves blocked from doing so, making their new Oculus Quest 2 headset useless to them.

On Twitter, other complaints can be found, some of which come straight out of Japan, where users are finding their accounts suspended for not being active on their Facebook account. It is possible that some form of algorithm is mistaking these users for bots, when they simply are being forced into creating a Facebook account they don't want to use a completely separate product. Japanese Quest 2 buyers in particular seem to be having a lot of problems.

So far, Facebook/Oculus has not responded to these concerns. The majority of buyers seem to be getting on fine, but these ban cases are certainly troubling. Hopefully the situation can be cleared up soon.

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KitGuru Says: Integrating Oculus and Facebook so closely is not getting off to a good start. Have any of you happened to get hold of a Quest 2 already? Have you run into any issues yourself? 


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