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Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides announced with new characters and game tweaks

Last week, a reliable Rainbow Six Siege leaker revealed some early details about the game's final season of content for the year. Now, Ubisoft has made its official announcement, with Operation Shifting Tides heading to the game soon with two new operators, which are currently playable on the Public Test Server. 

Operation Shifting Tides contains new operators from the NIGHTHAVEN Special Intervention Group. Kali is the new attack operator, with a bolt-action sniper that can shoot through multiple bodies, grant instant kills on headshots and take off a good chunk of health with a body shot. This operator also has a drill gadget that can punch through reinforced walls and destroy gadgets planted on the other side. She's not a full breach character like Thermite, but should be able to create good line of site spots and weaken the defence by taking out gadgets.

Wamai is the new defensive character and as previously leaked, this operator's unique gadget specifically targets grenades. The Mag-NET will catch grenades travelling through the air and reset their detonation timer. Once the net begins to retract, the grenade will explode safely out of harms way. Only one grenade can be caught at a time but the net will recharge over the course of the match.

The new update also adds a revamped version of the Theme Park map. Other changes include updated limb penetration for bullets, so headshots should no longer be blocked by hands, and the rappel mechanic is tweaked to give more control over where you dismount. The Shifting Tides update is currently going live on the Public Test Server for feedback and should roll out to the main servers a few weeks later.

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KitGuru Says: Are many of you still playing Rainbow Six Siege regularly? Are you going to hop on to the test servers to try the new operators? 

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