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Warner Bros. have been trying to make a Superman game for years

Industry insider James Sigfield recently revealed via Twitter that Warner Bros. have been trying to get a Superman game off of the ground since 2013. He details two specific projects that were cancelled, but indicated there were more, and that Warner Bros. continue to pursue the idea of a Superman game.

Ever since the raging success of the Batman Arkham series of games, fans have been yearning for a Superman equivalent. With DC’s vast array of heroes and villains, it makes sense for Warner Bros. to adapt one of its most popular into video game form. As of now, there has yet to be a game headed by Superman ever since 2006’s ‘Superman Returns’.

Sigfield revealed however that in 2013, “WB started actively taking pitches from many producers, directors and the like within the gaming industry to create their own Superman game”. Sigfield continues: “One game pitched in 2013 was to be an open world Superman game in the vein of Spider-Man PS4. It would feature a massive Metropolis and feature various villains from the DC pantheon”. This game was allegedly cancelled by Warner Bros before exiting the prototyping phase.

(Image Source: James Sigfield/Twitter)

Another potential game was to be titled “Superman: Unbound” and was set to be similar in nature to Arkham Asylum in it’s world design. Interestingly, this game was said to have been developed by WB Montréal in 2014. WB Montréal has yet to release any major projects since Batman: Arkham Origins in 2013. Superman: Unbound was, likewise, also cancelled by Warner Bros.

Sigfield concludes by saying: “WB has continued its pursuit of an open world Superman game, listening to pitches from various people within the industry. Whether or not they green light one is up to them. And who knows, they might have already done just that”. Both WB Montréal and Rocksteady have yet to announce their upcoming projects. With Warner Bros. actively pursuing a Superman game, and WB Montréal having already worked on one, could the next game coming from Rocksteady or WB Montréal be a Superman game? Only time will tell.

KitGuru says: What do you think of Warner Bros. trying to create a Superman game? Could it work, or do you think Superman’s powers contrast too much with what creates fun game design? What do you think Rocksteady and WB Montréal are working on? Let us know down below.

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