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Reader review: Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chair

Throughout December and early January, we ran a series of daily giveaways for the holiday season. These were all ‘reviewer’ giveaways, in hopes that readers would come back and share their thoughts on what they won with us and other KitGuru visitors. We've had a couple of submissions so far and today I am pleased to share the third reader review with you, coming from Chris Connell, who won the Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chair.

Here is his full written review:

Before this opportunity, my only experience with gaming chairs was seeing friends with ones that had speakers set in them or my chair that was made of metal and wood and I had to obtain a pillow to sit on for long periods of time. That being said, I feel like my fresh eyes and derriere are best equipped to explain to to you why this is an amazing chair.


I'll start by advising this is a heavy chair, the box itself even has 27.5kg printed on it. Fortunately for me, I was able to ask someone to assist putting it in my car, but back home and lifting it out alone and into the house was a difficult task. I would not recommend trying to lift this by yourself. The upside to the weight that I found was that while I am sat in the seat, it tends to stay put and barely move around, which is what you'd want for focusing on the task at hand. When you compare this to other wheeled desk chairs, I find they glide around even due to the tiniest of movements.

Putting the chair together is a fairly simple task, once you get around the total weight and space out the parts. All the tools required for the chair come in a handy box inside the main box. This includes more than enough screws to use, some covers for the sides when assembly is done and an allen key that doubles as a screwdriver on the other end. Full assembly took a mere 20 minutes, where at least 5 of those were me making sure I was holding the correct part (my fault and not the instructions!). Most parts simply fit and slide together and the hardest part you'll need to do is meet the screws on the side covers to the holes in the seat.

The Chair Itself:

The chair is made of a soft, but durable fabric, which was great for the partner as she isn't a big fan of sitting on leather.Underneath the fabric is the foam which provides all the comfort. While being soft enough to find comfort from sitting for hours on end, it isn't as soft as memory foam, so still provides the support as opposed to sinking in the seat to never get out. Softness of the foam is always a subjective part of describing anything, but I feel a right balance was achieved. The nicer touches come when you look at the detail, care and attention taken on the chair. Head and lumbar supports are provided and are softer than the chair itself, providing nice relief to the target areas. The stitching in the chair looks the business and makes you feel confident that it won't wear for a long time. My favourite touch is the embroidered logo in the headrest and at the top of the seat as the contrast in colours and the design make it stand out and be the focal point when you look at the chair.Definitely points in the looks department for me.

The armrests move in three directions meaning there's a set up for every person and every desk height. Up/Down, Forwards/Backwards and even In/Out are all possibly for you to find that perfect position. On the subject of positioning, the chair;s reclining is amazing. The handle to tilt the chair feels like a tiny handbrake to me, which fits in with the racer there of the chair. After reading online, it can recline as far as 135 degrees which is a lot to me and personally will never need to set it that far. but due to this, it is more than possible to sleep in the chair if you are so inclined (pardon the pun!).

In summary, I am in awe of the comfort and flexability this chair provides. As a seasoned gamer, I have never considered a chair being a major factor towards affecting my gaming, but that has now changed after experiencing the difference. I've even chose to sit on this over my recliner sofa due to it being that comfortable. So if you've never owned a gaming chair, or even if you're considering purchasing one, you definitely cannot go wrong with the Nitro Concepts S300 Gaming chair.

KitGuru Says: Thanks to Chris for sharing his review with us! We'll be publishing more reader reviews from competition winners when they come in. 

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