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The Oculus Rift and Touch bundle gets a permanent price cut to £399

Back in 2014/2015, Oculus was the go-to company as far as virtual reality was concerned, then in 2016, things began snowballing downhill pretty quickly. One of the key reasons so many were turned away was pricing, the headset itself came in at £500 at launch, which was worsened by the £199 Touch controllers. Earlier this year, Oculus tried to turn things around with a ‘Summer Sale‘, cutting the Rift+Touch bundle down to just $399/£399. At first this was a temporary price cut but today, it was made permanent.

We already saw a big jump in the number of Rift CV1 headsets on Steam following the summer sale, so it looks like Oculus wants to keep the ball rolling.


If you do decide to drop some cash on a Rift, then you'll have a lot of options as far as games are concerned. This year alone has seen games like Robo Recall, Wilson's Heart, Lone Echo, The Invisible Hours, Arktika 1 and more launch in VR. There is much more to come in the future too, not to mention the fact that the Rift with Touch can support most, if not all games currently on SteamVR, though a third sensor will be required for roomscale.

KitGuru Says: Given all the excitement and buzz there was surrounding Oculus prior to launch, it has been a shame to see things drift so far down hill so quickly. Still, the headset stacks up against the Vive well with the touch controllers, so if you wanted to give VR a whirl, £399 isn’t exactly a bad price, especially now that the price cut is permanent. 

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