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New Sonic Prime concept art leaks

Sonic the Hedgehog is having a busy year. Though no new mainline game is coming out until 2022, the blue blur has had all manner of announcements, including the reveal that he is set to become a VTuber, will open up new theme parks and more. Sonic Prime is the next major TV show starring the hedgehog, and now new concept art has leaked.

Sonic Prime is an upcoming 3D animated Netflix TV show set to release in 2022. While little more than official confirmation of its existence has been made so far, someone familiar with the production of the show accidentally published a number of concept pieces to their ArtStation before quickly being taken down – though it was too late by that point.

This concept art gives fans a glimpse at what they may expect from the upcoming series, which appears to show Sonic hopping between different dimensions through a number of portals. One of these portals showcases what appears to be a pirate theme, while another showcases a dimension set far in the past, with a primal rendition of Amy Rose also being present. Finally, the third dimension shown off looks to be set in a dystopian future where Eggman has seemingly taken over.

Of course, concept art showcases very early ideas, and the final product can change greatly, however it is interesting and exciting to see what SEGA and Netflix may have planned for this much-anticipated TV show. Hopefully a trailer isn’t too far away.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the concept art? Are you excited for Sonic Prime? What is your favourite Sonic tv series? Let us know down below.

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