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Sony patents PS5 face plates – so no one else can sell them

Sony creating the PlayStation 5 with removable faceplates meant that users would inevitably face the desire to replace them with custom plates. Some companies tried, however got into legal trouble with Sony. Now, the console manufacturer has officially been issued a design patent which means that no-one else will be able to make them.

Shortly following the reveal of the PlayStation 5 and its design, third-party companies began the creation of accessories which would be compatible with the system. Whether intentionally or not, Sony designed the console with side plates which were ripe for customisation. Companies such as PlateStation5 and DBrand quickly jumped at the opportunity, creating side plates with a variety of colours and patterns.

Quickly after their launch, both companies were sent takedown notices by Sony on the basis that the PS5 creator owned the design and so were the only ones to own the rights to sell such a product. Even though the company did not yet have a granted patent (though it was pending), the might of Sony was great enough so as to convince these companies to cease their production.

As reported by OPAttack, the United States Design Patent has finally been granted – even if it did take 376 days. What this means is that Sony is now officially the only company for the next 15 years able to sell side plates for the PlayStation 5. Of course, Sony could license the rights out to third parties, though this would require them to pay a fee – and that is most likely what Sony is banking on happening.

Whether from Sony or third parties it seems as though there will soon be a way to officially buy multicoloured side plates for the PlayStation – finally allowing for an all-black PS5.

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