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Plantronics GameCom X40 Xbox 360 Headset Review

The GameCom X40 is supplied in an attractive looking plastic packet which shows the headset off well and sports an appropriate green and black colour theme. Unfortunately it is quite a pain to open and we are forced to pretty much destroy the packaging to get the headset out.

On the reverse side of the packet we find a few details about the headset within in a vast array of different languages.  there is also a small diagram which informs the user where they need to plug in each of the headsets connectors.

We were quite surprised how few items were bundled with the X40.  In fact the only items included aside from the headset itself are a 2.5mm audio cable for Xbox Live Chat, a quick start guide and a warranty leaflet.

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  • Ted

    Very retro looking. dont like the appearance at all to be honest. seems a decent pair of phones however

  • Robert

    Good value for what they are giving. id like the set to work with a PC which is disappointing

  • Fred

    I think this headset is really ugly

  • Eurile

    Its all about the price really, lets be honest. in that regard its a success

  • angus mcbastard

    Not sure they work with the new xbox360s. Would make it a crappy headset

  • B-rad

    “Unless you have the special audio adapter (pictured above) that is supplied with the official Xbox HDMI cable then you won’t be able to use this headset. Plantronics could have easily avoided this by including an RCA to 3.5mm connector which could be plugged directly into your TV which would only have added pence to the cost of the product. Unfortunately, this also means that you can’t use the GameCom X40 with your PC or MP3 player.”

    WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!! That’s exactly what Micro$oft wanted consumers to think so they would buy the over priced HDMI audio cable bundle.

    First, this can be plugged directly in to your TV & using the HDMI to supply video & audio to the TV works great.
    SECONDLY, a RCA L&R audio to 3.5mm Male end will allow the audio to work on the PC laptop or desktop —> or any device ipod etc.
    A 2.5mm Female to 3.5mm male adapter or cable will allow you to use the microphone.

    To use with the PS3, you need a cheap $1, $2, $3 – $12 you decide how much you want to spend USB sound card to connect the microphone cable to the microphone 3.5mm input side. If it’s 3.5mm then you need the 3.5mm to 2.5mm cable or adapter.


  • B-rad

    forgot to add you just need USB power for the Ipod / mp3 etc.
    TV’s often supply this, Xbox 360, PS3, or Computer…