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Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A 5.1 Headset Review

Turtle Beach have used a combination of different finishes for different parts of the Ear Force Z6A.  The main section of each earpiece is constructed from matte black plastic but is complimented by metallic blue and chrome inserts.  This gives the headset quite an exciting appearance that is sure to appeal to gamers.  Unlike some manufacturers, Turtle Beach haven’t over-branded the headset, only putting one small Turtle Beach logo on each earcup.

The headset feels well constructed and the plastics used in construction feel durable.  We expect that you will see a good few years use out of this headset before it needs replacing, providing you treat it well.  It doesn’t quite have the same indestructible feeling as the SteelSeries 5XB headset, though, which is a better option if you’re prone to very rough handling.

One of the most important aspects of the Ear Force Z6A is the included headphone amplifier.  This amplifies all four channels independently and lets the user adjust the levels for each channel.  There is also a master volume control, a microphone mute button and a 2.5mm input jack so the microphone will work with a Xbox 360.

The headset itself connects to the headphone amplifier using a proprietary connector so it isn’t possible to connect it directly to your PC without the amplifier. The amplifier requires five seperate connections to a PC, three audio connections, one microphone connection and a USB connection for power.  This means that you can only use the headset with a PC or Xbox 360 (with an adapter) and not a mobile device. Gold plated connectors aren’t going to enhance sound quality, but they really do help improve the appearance of a quality product, so it is strange they aren’t included with this product.

Turtle Beach have chosen to use a boom flexible boom microphone on the Ear Force Z6A which is attached to the left hand earcup.  This folds up when not in use so it is completely out of your field of view.  We would have preferred a retractable microphone like that in the SteelSeries Siberia V2 as it is totally invisible when not in use.

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