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Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A 5.1 Headset Review

At about 380g, the Ear Force Z6A is extremely light for a dedicated surround sound headset which helps make it one of the most comfortable we’ve ever tested.  Turtle Beach have chosen to use an open weave cloth to cover the earpads which is comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Turtle Beach have used leatherette to cover the headband which has a small amount of padding.  When adjusted correctly, the headband helps distribute the weight of the headset evenly across your head which enhances the comfort level.  We found that the headset fits very securely so you can move your head around quite a lot before any unnecessary slippage occurs.

The Ear Force Z6A is clearly a performance headset.  The dedicated surround sound really enhances the gaming experience, as sound directionality is improved substantially when compared against a stereo headset.  Improved sound directionality is very beneficial in FPS games as you can hear precise locations of footsteps and gunshots  with much higher accuracy.  As you can adjust the four audio channels independently, you can set up the headset perfectly for different types of game.

When listening to music, the experience isn’t quite as impressive, because surround sound capabilities don’t improve many music recordings. The overall experience is still impressive, though, and having the ability to adjust the audio channels independently lets you optimise the headset for different styles of music.

Movie playback is enhanced considerably by the surround sound functionality of the Ear Force Z6A, as long as you are playing a movie that supports it.  We watched The Dark Knight on Blu Ray and noticed excellent sound panning in the opening sequence as well as very impressive bass notes.  In fact, the experience was so good we ended up watching the entire movie!

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