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GamesCom’s most desirables cars? Carbon Fibre Overload!

While most of the 250,000 people who have been attending GamesCom in the Cologne sunshine will have been there for the exceptional game play on offer, there's no doubt which were the most expensive toys on show. It was the cars.

KitGuru lines up some snaps and, later, we'll ask you for your favourite.

If you could drive any car in the world – what would it be?

That's the kind of question that drivers across the globe have been asking themselves for more than 100 years.

Would you go with race-bred carbon fibre?  A standard supercar from Lamborghini? Or maybe something with classic lines and rotary machine guns. Tough call.

Which one rules? Here are a few choice snaps that have been sent it from Germany over the last couple of days. We'll start with the regular forms of transport and follow up shortly with a second set of pics – giving you some unusual alternatives.

If you were in the habit of naming inanimate objects - surely this would be the Event Horizon. This thing was a hands-on experience that came alive on its own system of virtual reality hydraulics. Tasty stuff.


More carbon fibre, this time on the nose of a Need For Speed:World performance vehicle from Porsche


Prefer the American muscle look? Then the NFS: World arena has exactly what you're looking for


We'd squeeze in the juice of one Lamborghini but, to be honest, we're scare it will bite

KitGuru says: It's hard not to want carbon fibre goodness of the Sony-simulator. You just know what all that high-velocity roughage would do to your system – and you'd love it. Must be the only example in human history where the multi-million dollar sports car actually became significantly more expansive for a game – but space age hydraulics will do that for you.

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