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Most desirable cars at GamesCom II – Alternative

We’ve already posted shots of the tastiest cars from the massive games convention which took place over the last 4 days in Cologne. With choices ranging from American Muscle to German Fibre – the choice of ‘Which one is the most desirable’ is not easy. Here at KitGuru, we’re in the business of making it harder. Check these out.


While there’s no doubting the mainstream desire of the racing and super cars, gamers are – by their very nature – fantasists. That means being able to move the paradigms of life and replacing them with a completely different set of rules.

Consider the tasty line up of cars we have already presented to you – and then consider if you would swap one of them for one of these in your ‘perfect car line up’ ?

Starting with the more accessible forms of gamer transport - notebook simulators from Asus


If you can forgive Kaspersky for hiring such miserable staff, then the F1 car has a certain charm


For anyone who's had to drive behind a complete twat (for twat, please read 20 in a 30 zone or 50 on a motorway) - then this has to be the ultimate 'excuse me' device. One press of the paddle trigger and the source of your irritation is removed. For good.
OK - not stricty a car - but we've seen this kind of thing on Top Gear, so it counts. Big kudos to EA for having the front to load a stand with a Mig 21 from a private collector's stash at a cost of just $15,000 for transport, stickers and insurance


KitGuru says: Well, there you have it. Some mighty tasty transport on show at GamesCom 2011 – and with an audience of 250,000 we know for sue that each of the 8 vehicles we’ve brought you, would have been the object of someone’s desire.  But which one works best for you? Please vote in the latest KitGuru poll!

Comments below or in the KitGuru forum – votes on the right please.

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