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‘Arnold’ is the true king of Doom bots

Using a similar technique to Google when it taught its Deepmind network to play Atari games, two researchers from Carnegie Mellon university have created a self-taught Doom bot which became the most efficient killer at a recent competition. Known affectionately as Arnold, the bot placed second in the end, though it …

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Record breaking electric car team to take on petrol racers

A team of students from ETH Zurich, Switzerland are hoping to help change the perception many people still have about electric cars, by having their home-spun, F1 inspired vehicle beat petrol racers in an annual contest known as Formula Student. Their car, known as the Academic Motorsports Club Zurich (AMZ) Fluela, …

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RUSH out to see Rush and you won’t be disappointed

We have been fed a Hollywood diet of ‘New York gets attacked by terrorists and gets saved by a lone hero’ for far too long. As more and more of the big movie franchises gravitate to the same storyline, the world waits for a heroic film which sweeps you up …

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