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Sharkoon launches the REV200 PC case

Sharkoon has announced a new Mid-Tower ATX PC case what it claims is a revolutionary design. The REV200 delivers a new way of presenting hardware within a PC chassis and a new experience when creating system builds.

The unique design of the REV200 flips the motherboard 90 degrees compared to traditional models, meaning hardware such as graphics cards are mounted vertically, to provide an easy and striking presentation of the components. The Design of the new case has been well thought through and offers excellent cooling results with its five pre-installed 120mm RGB fans which also produce appropriate illumination.

With the vertical motherboard installation in the REV200, the rear I/O is now located on the top, under a panel. A multifunctional tunnel along the bottom of the case should provide a tidy appearance too. Another benefit of the innovative construction is that the PC can now be placed on the left-hand side of a desk to provide full view of the internal components, due to the right-hand side tempered glass panel, along with giving users more space for mouse movement.

The REV200 comes pre-installed with three 120mm fans in the front panel and a further two identical fans in the rear, which provide optimal airflow within the system. A special power supply feature means the PSU can be fitted in two different directions. The REV200 is also optimised for custom water-cooling solutions, in both the front and rear of the case are mounting positions for 240mm radiators. For 360mm radiator installation, removal of the lower tunnel and two HDD cages is necessary.

Pre-installed fans provide excellent RGB illumination and are 4-pin PWM compatible for control over RPM and noise levels. The inclusion of 5V D-RGB connectivity in the fans allows users to connect directly with motherboard headers for control of RGB colours and patterns. The REV200 includes a generous amount of cable pass-through points and a spacious compartment in the top of the case for cable management. Located in the lower tunnel is space for mounting up to two HDDs and four SSDs.

Due to its revolutionary design, the REV200 can facilitate graphics cards up to 323mm long, provides space for CPU air coolers up to 165mm tall and power supplies up to 200mm in length. The front of the case has room for radiator and fan combinations up to 64mm deep while the rear can be 60mm. removable dust filters are fitted to the front and bottom panels to effectively protect the system from dust build-up.

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KitGuru says: I really like the look of this design. For years I have had the problem of the tempered glass panel being on the wrong side of the case for my PC's location. It is good to see another case with hardware visible from the right-hand side window, as there are very limited options for cases with this feature.

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