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Bitcoin hits all time high $2400 value

Update: It looks like Bitcoin is continuing its current boom as just a couple of days after the digital currency hit an all-time high of $2100 in value, the price has risen once again. Today, Bitcoins began trading for as much as $2483 per coin, marking an all time high and a significant jump over its value at the end of 2016.

Bitcoin isn't the only digital currency currently soaring in value either. As Ars Technica points out, lesser-known currencies like Ethereum and Ripple are also currently on the rise as more companies get involved in blockchain related projects.

Original Story: Back in January, Bitcoin finally shot back up past the $1000 mark for the first time in years and since then, things appear to have only gotten better. Over the last few weeks, Bitcoin has been seeing a steady rise in value, with each coin now worth over $2000.

At the time of writing, an individual Bitcoin is now worth $2100, or £1615 here in the UK. This marks off a strong month for the digital currency, with a 65 percent boost in overall value.

This rise is reportedly linked to recent policy changes in Japan and China, making it easier to trade in bitcoins. As usual though, Bitcoin is a constantly fluctuating thing, so we have no way of telling how long the price remain this high.

KitGuru Says: Whenever these particular stories pop up, I always find myself wishing that I had been early to the Bitcoin party. Did any of you have much interest in Bitcoins back when it was easier to mine them?

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