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Just Cause studio spent years working on an Iron Man game

Avalanche Studios has worked on plenty of projects over the years, from Mad Max, to Rage 2, to its biggest IP, Just Cause. At one point, Avalanche was working on a major license, having come to an agreement with Disney and Marvel to create an Iron Man game. 

Back in 2012, Avalanche Studios was tasked with creating a new Iron Man game, according to studio co-founder, Christofer Sundberg in an interview with MinnMax. The studio worked on the game for two years and set aside a sizable budget to complete the project.

However, at some point, Disney apparently requested that the game be finished one year earlier than planned, and doing so would have forced Avalanche to hire a lot of new staff members. There was fear amongst Avalanche execs that hiring such a big team to finish this game would eventually come back to bite them, as they would have to swiftly find another major project to work on to avoid financial issues.

Unfortunately, nothing specific about the game was revealed, but now that we know it existed, maybe some of the developers that worked on the project will be willing to share some more information on gameplay and story elements.

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KitGuru Says: Disney and Marvel have a troubled history with licensed games, but things are starting to turn around. The Disney and Marvel of today is investing more wisely in quality video games and so far, we've not heard about any outlandish requests that could put a studio out of business. 

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