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Mark Zuckerberg wants to build AI to run his home

It looks like Mark Zuckerberg wants to try his hand at being Tony Stark as the Facebook CEO has set himself a goal of building artificial intelligence system to help run and control his home this year- Arnold Schwarzenegger even offered to be the voice of it. Zuckerberg set himself …

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Iron Man themed Galaxy S6 Edge to be released next week

Update: It looks like Samsung’s Iron Man themed Galaxy S6 smartphone is just around the corner. Last week, one of Samsung’s official Twitter accounts tweeted out a ‘coming soon’ image, only to delete it shortly after. Now, the phone maker is back at it again, this time teasing the device on …

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Iron Man themed Galaxy S6 Edge to be released

It looks like Samsung has teamed up with Marvel to launch a limited edition Iron Man themed Galaxy S6 Edge. Renders of the phone originally leaked a short while ago but everything seems to be official now. Samsung teased the limited edition phone on its Twitter account, noting that the …

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Shipping firms augmenting strength with robotic exoskeleton

Ok so we’re a few steps away from adding all the armour, repulsor jets, pop-up missiles and wise-cracking, self-destructive pilot or your average Iron Man suit, but some firms are really starting to push us in the direction of a fully functioning exoskeleton. For example, Korean shipping giant Dawewoo Shipbuilding, …

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These guys want weapons back in combat sports

Combat sports like boxing or MMA, use the human body as a weapon, but back in the good ol’ days, we used to see people beating each other to bloody messes with swords and spears. What happened to that? Apparently I’m not the only one asking that either, as the …

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