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COD Zombies veteran reportedly working on new IP for PlayStation

Jason Blundell is a well known name within the Call of Duty community. His reign as the head of COD Zombies at Treyarch had him oversee some of the series’ most successful entries. After departing the studio, Blundell founded Deviation Games and was working on a PlayStation exclusive. This never came to be, with Deviation ultimately shutting down. That said, one silver lining came in the announcement that Blundell has remained with PlayStation and has now set up another new studio.

Late last year we reported on the announcement that Jason Blundell had joined PlayStation ahead of Deviation Games’ closure. At the time, this was pretty much all we were told.

Now, thanks to a LinkedIn post from an ex-Deviation Games employee (shared via ResetEra), we have additional details, with Former technical director Michael Anthony taking to the platform to say:

“Hey, I hear that a lot of previous Deviation Games employees have setup their own studio at Sony working on an undisclosed new IP. All the people I see working there that have signed up are top class developers and hope that you can create a top class new IP with your studio that hopefully gives you all the time you need to create a quality product and not have to deal with red tape from previous projects. Go go JB [Jason Blundell] and do what you do best.”

Given the history and pedigree of Blundell and co. it is highly probable that the team are working on some form of first person shooter – likely in effort to eventually decouple PlayStation’s reliability on Call of Duty (which is now owned by Microsoft).

While Blundell had a bit of an unfortunate false start with Deviation Games, hopefully this new studio manages to succeed.

KitGuru says: What do you think of Blundell’s latest move? Are you hopeful for whatever they are working on? Could Sony create their own COD-killer? Let us know down below.

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