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Demon’s Souls won’t have difficulty options, “and there shouldn’t be” claims Director

While the SoulsBorne series is known for a number of things, one of the game’s most notorious features is its difficulty. This fact is doubly the case due to none of the games featuring any tweakable difficulty options. With Bluepoint Games’ upcoming remake of the first entry in the series, some fans wondered whether the team would take the opportunity to add difficulty settings – the answer to which was a resounding ‘no’.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, the Creative Director for the Demon’s Souls remake, Gavin Moore, was asked whether the team had included any difficulty options, to which they responded with “There are no difficulty options in Demon's Souls, and there shouldn't be.”

As mentioned, no other SoulsBorne game has offered any difficulty options, and so it’s not surprising to see this also being the case with Demon’s Souls. That being said, the original team (FromSoftware) have received criticism in the past for this decision, due to the lack of accessibility options.

The SoulsBorne series of games are undoubtedly hard. That being said, there are a number of ways to make the experience easier. One such method is purely through grinding enemies for ‘souls’, allowing plays to upgrade their character. Another way is through the game’s co-op functionality, which allows a friend – or stranger – to join you in your fight.

Of course, adding difficulty modes, or even simple accessibility options would not take away from the game in any way – in fact, it would be objectively additive. Still, regardless of which route was taken, there would have undoubtedly been a select group of fans left unsatisfied by the decision. It’ll be interesting to see whether Bluepoint Games ultimately made the right one.

KitGuru says: Are you excited for Demon’s Souls? Should it include difficulty options? What about accessibility options? Let us know down below.

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