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Destruction All-Star devs are working on a “First-Party Flagship AAA IP”

Timur222 has become well-known for scouring job websites looking for any new details that can be gleaned from job listings in the video games industry. As discovered by Timur222, Lucid Games – the developers behind the PS5 exclusive Destruction All-Stars – is now working on an “unannounced First-Party Flagship AAA IP for the PlayStation 5.”

According to Drew Williams-Rostron, the previous technical designer at Lucid Games, the studio is currently working on “an unannounced First-Party Flagship AAA IP for the PlayStation 5”. Little else is known about this, however it is interesting to see the studio working on a different IP considering Destruction All-Stars only released earlier this year, and was pitched as a live-service title.

Of course, Destruction All-Stars saw a less-than-stellar response from both fans and critics alike, and so it makes some sense to see the team working on other things too.

One rumour suggested that the team is working on a new game in the classic Twisted Metal franchise. This would make sense for the studio – especially in the wake of Destruction All-Stars’ reception. In spite of this, the game was solid, and so it would serve as a decent foundation with which Twisted Metal could be built upon.

With the upcoming Twisted Metal TV show on the way, it seems as though PlayStation is pushing for the franchise’s return. Hopefully Lucid Games are able to revive the long-dormant franchise.

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