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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches in Early 2024 “on two discs”

With Final Fantasy XVI so close to release, no one expected Square Enix to show off Final Fantasy VII Rebirth anytime soon. It therefore came as a massive surprise when not only was the game shown off at Summer Game Fest, but it received a release window too.

Giving us our first look at the open areas, Square Enix said “Get a first glimpse at the captivating story, thrilling gameplay and expansive world of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH, the highly anticipated new story in the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY VII remake project.”

They continue, “Find out which mysteries the party will uncover when FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH arrives on PS5 in early 2024. Players can explore an expansive world, all brought to life with a new level of graphical fidelity, developed specifically to leverage the power of the PS5 console.”

The first Final Fantasy VII Remake released in April of 2020 and so it seems as though the team are aiming for a similar timeframe with the sequel. Interestingly, as with the 1997 original, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will come on multiple discs due to the size of the game, with Square Enix making a point of the fact that Rebirth will require two discs.

This seems to suggest that the second entry in the FFVII remake project will easily exceed 100GB. The PS5’s Blu Ray disc drive supports BD-XL which can read quadruple-layer discs at a size of 128GB. Furthermore, hopefully this means that all of the game’s content will be available on disc – and will not require an additional download in order to play at all. We will find out early next year when Final Fantasy VII Rebirth officially releases.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited for the sequel? How many GB exactly do you think the game will be? Let us know down below.

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