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Halo: Infinite to utilise Apex Legends’ ping system

When Apex Legends launched in 2019, one of its most notable innovations to the battle royale genre was the ping system, which allowed players to dynamically tag all manner of things, from players to items to weapons. Since then, other games have taken inspiration, including 343i who have revealed that their upcoming Halo: Infinite will utilise a similar feature.

The team at 343 Industries have been slowly drip feeding fans information on what they can expect from Halo: Infinite when the game launches later this year. The latest piece of information pertains to what the team describes as a ‘mark system’.

In the most recent monthly employee spotlight issue, 343i highlighted Andrew Witts, the Lead Multiplayer Designer for Halo: Infinite. One of the details extracted from this featurette was the reveal of Halo: Infinite’s new mark system, which was described by Witts as “a feature where players can mark a spot in the world that lets their teammates know vital information, like an enemy position or weapon location.”

While no concrete details have been given so far as to how many players Halo: Infinite will support, the common sentiment is that matches could host up to 60 players – which would require bigger maps to support such player counts.

If this is indeed true, then a ping system – or in 343i’s words, a mark system – would be a welcome feature, allowing players to tag allies, enemies, weapons and more.

While the first look at Halo: Infinite proved to be disappointing, subsequent showings – and all of the details since – seems to suggest that Halo: Infinite may be one of the biggest jumps in features seen by the series since the very first game. Time will tell whether this pans out.

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