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Microsoft reportedly in “very early discussions” to bring back Scalebound

Scalebound is likely one of the biggest Xbox-exclusive games to be cancelled, with the partnership between the console manufacturer and development studio PlatinumGames falling apart in 2017 after the game had been in development for 4 years. From the embers rises a new fire however, as an insider is now claiming that Scalebound might actually be brought back.

Shpeshal Nick is one of the most active industry insiders currently, covering all manner of games and leaks, but with a particular focus on Microsoft/Xbox. During the most recent episode of the insider’s Xbox Era Podcast, Nick claimed that PlatinumGames and Microsoft are in very early talks to bring Scalebound back from the dead.

Very little is known about these discussions, with Nick unsure whether development would pick up where it was left off 6 years ago or whether the project would be started from scratch. Of course, discussions happen all the time and does not mean that the game is in the works – but it is interesting to see that the two parties are seemingly willing to give Scalebound a second shot.

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KitGuru says: What did you think of Scalebound? Would you like to see it brought back? What other cancelled games would you like to see un-cancelled? Let us know down below.

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