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NieR 10th anniversary website launched

In celebration of the Action-JRPG NieR’s upcoming 10th anniversary, Square Enix have opened a website, teasing at the possibility of more to come from the much-loved franchise. The website is currently relatively barren, although more is certainly to come, in due time.

The original NieR was released in April of 2010. The game received a mixed critical reception when it was released, although fans were much more impressed by the title. The game was successful enough to warrant a sequel.

NieR: Automata was released in March of 2017, to much greater reception. The game became one of the highest rated titles of the year, with praise given to its story, gameplay, and soundtrack. The title won multiple awards, and performed much better commercially too. NieR: Automata sold over 4 million copies, far exceeding the expectations of its publisher, Square Enix.

Since then, various characters from NieR have appeared in other intellectual properties, including Soul Calibur VI. Most recently, a raid, inspired by Nier: Automata was added to the MMO Final Fantasy XIV.

As the original game’s 10th anniversary approaches, it seems that the stars could be aligning for a remake or remaster. Yoko Taro, the game’s director, has previously expressed interest in creating a remake. The original NieR was also reprinted years after its release, due to the increased demand for the title, after the success of NieR: Automata.

The website is currently rather empty, with a logo signifying the 10th anniversary, and links to NieR, and Automata’s websites, alongside a link to pre-existing merch. Expect the website to be updated in due course.

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