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Nintendo’s next console might not be Switch 2, claims insider

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for over 2000 days now and while we have for years heard rumours regarding the highly-successful console’s successor, Nintendo remains tight-lipped on the whole idea of a new Nintendo console. According to one industry insider however Nintendo’s next system might not be a Switch 2 or even a Switch Pro.

Jeff Grubb has amassed a respectable reputation over the past few years for his insider knowledge on various unannounced and in-development games, events and more. On a recent episode of Kinda Funny Daily, Grubb offered some insight into Nintendo’s future plans for the Switch’s successor, saying: “It’s still on the table that we get something Switch…not Pro, maybe not even necessarily Switch 2.”

Grubb continued, “Maybe something in between that is definitely like an actual upgrade in terms of hardware, but in terms of the way that Nintendo positions it, it feels like they could try to straddle the line a little bit and do like a Super Switch that continues the generation in a way that is more significant than they have done since the Game Boy Colour.”

Nintendo has certainly struck gold with the Switch and so it would only make sense for the console manufacturer to double down on what works and keep releasing more improved Switch hardware while offering full compatibility with current Switch games and services. We will have to wait and see.

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