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Sony plans to expand its ‘PlayStation Direct’ store to Europe

Though console manufacturers typically partner with retail stores in order to sell consoles, games, and accessories, Sony recently began to offer an alternative option, cutting out the middleman and allowing fans to purchase hardware and software directly from PlayStation. This service, dubbed PlayStation Direct, is currently only available in the US, though it would appear as though Sony has plans to expand the service to other regions, notably Europe.

PlayStation Direct is an online storefront operated by Sony directly. It allows fans to purchase a number of PlayStation products, including consoles, PlayStation exclusive games, and accessories from PlayStation themselves, cutting out the middleman (and presumably receiving all of the revenue as a consequence).

Since its launch in 2019, the PlayStation Direct store has only been available in the US. According to a recent job listing however, Sony has plans to bring the service to other regions, stating that “we are looking to build on the successful launch of new direct-to-consumer business in the US with the launch in Europe.”

Offering its own store could in theory allow for prices to be lowered, due to the fact that – as previously mentioned – cutting out the middleman means that partner stores won’t be taking a cut of the sales. Of course, Sony could also simply pocket the extra revenue.

Regardless, opening its own direct store (even if it is just online-based) shows a level of confidence on Sony’s part, indicating and highlighting the importance of the PlayStation brand. Hopefully this will lead to benefit consumers in the long run.

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