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Xbox exclusive Grounded hits new major milestone

Obsidian Entertainment has proven itself to be a highly versatile studio, working on all manner of different genres, playstyles, perspectives and more. One of the team’s smaller projects is Grounded, a co-op multiplayer survival game. Despite its modest scope, the game has gone on to be a considerable success.

In an announcement on Xbox’s blog, Mikey Dowling, the Director of Communications at Obsidian Entertainment revealed that since its Early Access launch in July 2020, Grounded has amassed a total of 10 million players.

Dowling said, “The Grounded team is proud to announce that over 10 million players have visited the Backyard! It has been great seeing so many players come to find out what it’s like to be shrunk down to the size of an ant. An even better feeling is seeing so many people playing before the game reaches its full release.”

Thanking fans for their support, Dowling said “With a small dev team constantly getting feedback from the community, Grounded would not be where it is without the players who have supported the game during the Game Preview/Early Access period. That feedback will allow Grounded to be in an even better place when it comes to its full release later this year.”

Impressions of Grounded back at launch were positive, however a relative lack of content made for a game with not too much replay value. Fortunately the past two years has seen all manner of updates come to the game, meaning that by the time Grounded leaves Early Access, it should be full of content (hopefully).

To celebrate 10 million players, the team at Obsidian created a Grounded-themed dynamic background for Xbox “so they can have a beautiful shot of the Backyard with them on their dashboard any time they boot up their console”. Of course, 10 million players does not equate to 10 million copies sold — but it is impressive nonetheless 

With all the support that Grounded is getting (seemingly from both fans and the developers), those who tried the game at launch might find that now is the right time to hop back in.

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