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Xigmatek Utgard Case Review

Rating: 8.0.

2010 has been a fantastic year for quality chassis design and today we are going to have our first look at a chassis from Xigmatek, a company better known for their coolers and power supplies.

Following with traditional Xigmatek marketing concepts, the Utgard is a product clearly paying homage to Tolkien fantasy roots. The case is a hybrid SECC and steel mesh design allowing for a maximum of 9 fans to be connected.

The case is offered in three versions: A solid side panel, a window and a metal mesh. We received the solid side panel flavour with dual fan mounts (pictured below).

Product Overview

  • All mesh design on front panel.
  • Screw-less tooling for 5.25″ bay installation.
  • Screw-less tooling for expansion slot installation.
  • Four 3.5″ HDD in three 5.25″ bay adapter.
  • Preinstalled 170mm top orange fan with white LED.
  • Preinstalled 120mm front and rear orange fans with white LED.
  • Two RPM speed control knobs for six fans.
  • Back window for easy CPU cooler back plate.
  • Back holes and clips for cable management.
  • Anti-vibration rubber for PSU.
  • 222(W) x 515(H) x 490(D) mm (8.7*20.3*19.3 inches)

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  • Tim

    Again, hard to fault with the price. Just never understood their weird naming conventions.

  • Tech Head

    They are from the netherlands, as far as I know. which would explain the fantasy style nonsense they always factor into their designs.

    Actual product seems pretty solid for the cost. about same price as thermaltake armor cases and I think this looks better

  • Steve

    Great review, love the cooling tests on this site.

    Overall design is good, why two esatas? not that im complaining, but that is really weird to see on a front panel.

  • Eric K

    I quite like it, but I agree with the side panel concerns. that looks a mess without it being populated.

  • Frank

    It has a bit of a feeling of ‘coolermaster HAF’ about it. not sure if thats just me tho. I quite like it. the orange accenting looks cool.

  • Colin Riley

    Great timing for this, our local store has these on sale for £49.99 and I had no idea if it was crap or not. The box looks terrible and I thought it was a chinese knock off.

    They really need to work on their box artwork. I shall pick this up tomorrow.

  • Flo

    Nice too see them putting so much front panel connecivity in place. i hate it when a case comes without ports at front. I have about 4 devices I have connected most of the time. I never use esata tho. but it cant hurt.