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Intel Broadwell-E Core i7-6950x benchmark results leak

Intel is set to announce Broadwell-E very soon indeed if leaks are anything to go by. Earlier this week, we got a look at some early performance numbers for the Core i7 6850K and now, someone has managed to get their hands on the ten-core flagship Broadwell-E chip, the 6950x, and has put it through its paces with a few benchmarks.

Intel's Core i7 6950x is a ten core/twenty thread chip built on the 14nm process and is rumoured to hit the $1500 price point. As with the 6820K leak earlier this week, these 6950x benchmarks were posted to the overclock.net forum, this time by the user ‘Silicon Lottery'.


He ran the chip in some benchmarks against the 5960x, running both at 3GHz with a 3.5GHz boost clock. In Cinebench, the 6950x scored 1,904 points in the multi-core test and 151 points in the single-core test. Meanwhile, Haswell-E's 5960x scored 1592 points on the multi-core test and 160 points in the single-core test. In XTU, the Core i7-6950X scored 2,354, beating the Core i7-5960X’s score of 2,001.

These are early performance numbers and obviously, reviewers haven't had a chance to put Broadwell-E through its paces just yet. However, going off of these numbers alone, Intel's new ten-core Extreme Edition should be around ten percent faster in multi-threaded workloads than the eight-core 5960x.

KitGuru Says: Intel hasn't managed to keep much of a lid on Broadwell-E this year. There seems to have been constant leaks over the last few months and now that we are close to launch, performance numbers are making their way online. What do you guys think of these early 6950x benchmark results? Are you planning on building a Broadwell-E system?

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