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Rumour claims Intel has brought forward its Skylake-X and X299 launch

It looks like Intel might be planning to launch its new batch of enthusiast series CPUs earlier than anticipated, with reports this week indicating that the launch has been brought forward to June. Previously, Intel's X299 and Skylake-X CPUs were expected in August but apparently due to mounting pressure from AMD, the launch will now take place at Computex.

This information is coming from Benchlife's sources, which claim that Intel's X299 platform will be launching in June. This rumour closely follows last month's leaks, which detailed AMD's own upcoming HEDT CPUs and X399 platform.

According to the report, manufacturing for Intel's new CPUs and X299 motherboards will now begin in June, coinciding with Computex. However, it is worth noting that leaks for Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X have been few and far between over the last few months.

The most recent thing we heard about Intel's upcoming HEDT processors was that compatibility has already been added to AIDA64. Beyond that, we don't have much concrete information.

KitGuru Says: Launching new CPUs at Computex makes perfect sense. However, this rumour sits on shaky ground, so it's hard to put too much stock in it. Either way, if a June launch is planned, then more information should leak out fairly soon.

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