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Norton costs more than 3TB storage solution

The are plenty of ways to measure value in a given market – and each industry has its own quirks – but two offers landed in the KitGuru spam-sack this morning that, side-by-side, gave us pause.
Even with the constant improvements to hard drive production cost efficiency, does this pairing seem right to you?

Several of the KitGuru systems are backed up onto a 2TB Seagate Expansion drive. These little chaps used to cost way more than £100, but the simple design and hardware reliability made them a bit of a favourite.

Now, we’re seeing the 3TB variant in the market at just over £89 – complete with 2 year warranty and USB 3 data transfer rates.

At the same time, the same reseller has a special deal on Norton’s security suite – which it is offering for £99.

Sure, Norton has included some additional internet security features and some cloud storage – but can it really be said to be worth £10 more than a physical 3TB hard drive?

For us, the 3TB drive and getting AVG for FREE seems like a much better deal, but what do we know?

No matter how good an anti-virus program is, it's hard to see how they can justify being £15 more than a 3TB drive
No matter how good an AV program is, it’s hard to see how they can justify being £10 more than a 3TB drive

KitGuru says: It’s hard to think that something as simple and mundane as anti-virus software would cost anything like a 3TB drive. Especially when the AV on offer is far from being a clear market leader.

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  • Drak

    I still think that people who pay for anti-virus are really foolish. There are plenty of great free AV’s out there which require very little effort to set up and run.

  • If you think buying an antivirus is foolishness, then there will be no antivirus on the market even the free versions.

  • Peter

    I say people who use free ones are foolish and obviously do not have a clue as to which AV is the best. Kaspersky £19.99 a year and no Viruses.

  • cd2134

    People who use free ones aren’t foolish…I’ve been using AVG Free and avast! free for years, and I have never had a single virus. As long as you know what to avoid, you will have a next to no chance of getting a virus.