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BeQuiet! Pure Power L8 530W CM Review

Rating: 8.5.

Today we are looking at the BeQuiet! Pure Power L8 530W CM, which has recently enjoyed some price reductions in the United Kingdom. We have reviewed many of the BeQuiet! L8 power supplies in the last year and we felt it was time to have another look at this popular range. The pricing of the L8 range is so competitive – you can in fact pick this 530W unit up for around the £65 mark now.

As a quick recap it is worth looking at the L8 range again. There are four 80 Plus Bronze Certified power supplies in this range –  the 430W, 530W, 630W and 730W. The 530W is actually the only unit we haven't reviewed to date.

BeQuiet! have been using FSP as a partner now for many years, but this range is focused around HEC designs. The ‘CM' tag stands for ‘Cable Management' – meaning these are modular units.

The company offer a full three year warranty with this range of products, for peace of mind.

BeQuiet! Pure Power L8 530W CM Overview:

  • Exceptionally quiet operation achieved through an array of careful optimizations, including use of a custom-designed, quiet-optimized 120mm Fan.
  • 530 Watts of continuous power provide massive power reserves for those times your PC really needs it all.
  • Cable management with long cable reach simplifies component installation and reduces annoying clutter, increasing airflow and improving cooling.
  • 80PLUS Bronze certification and up to 88% power conversion efficiency let you do more work with the same power and reduce your power bills.
  • AMD CrossfireX certification readiness allow you to build powerful Multi-GPU systems with confidence.
  • German product conception, design and quality control.

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  1. Sexy design and great products. German engineering at its best 🙂

  2. I own a bequiet cooler, bequiet power supply and bequiet fans. I love them. They need to make some new high grade cases with the same black and orange trimming. please?

  3. I suggested the 630W of this range to my friend but he opted for a 1000W. people dont understand that no one needs a 1000W unless you have a very very high end system.

    Bequiet/Seasonic/Corsair – rock.