Dell Inspiron 620 MT Review

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ACC 17741 300x199 Dell Inspiron 620 MT Review

Thankfully Dell have opted for a traditional case design which simply requires the removal of two screws to get inside.

ACC 1780 300x200 Dell Inspiron 620 MT Review

The wiring job is fairly clean and much as we would expect from a huge corporation such as Dell. It isn’t as good as a specialist, smaller dealer such as CryoPC or Yoyotech, but we doubt the target audience would care.

ACC 1776 300x200 Dell Inspiron 620 MT Review

The 1TB hard drive is installed in a rack bottom left with the sata cable taped for added security during transit.

ACC 1779 300x200 Dell Inspiron 620 MT Review

The power supply is a ‘Dell’ branded model, tagged with the moniker ‘H300PM-00′.

ACC 1787 300x200 Dell Inspiron 620 MT ReviewACC 1788 300x200 Dell Inspiron 620 MT Review

The rear of the case has a 92mm exhaust fan in place, and the cooler is marked with ‘AVC’ – which stands for Asia Vital Components. Those people expecting a Noctua NH D14 may be disappointed!

ACC 1785 300x200 Dell Inspiron 620 MT ReviewACC 1790 300x200 Dell Inspiron 620 MT Review

The bottom of the motherboard has all the USB 2.0 and audio headers correctly installed. The Nvidia GT 420 discrete graphics card is not branded.

ACC 1783 300x199 Dell Inspiron 620 MT Review

Dell are using Hynix DDR3 memory, but it is rather embarrassing to see that they aren’t using heatspeaders on these specific modules. They add so little cost to the overall build but can improve temperatures long term and in hotter running climates.

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  • Troy

    Good timing, I was looking at one of these a few days ago for the missus.

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  • Francis

    Looks ideal for a family as review says. Inexpensive, and Core i3. Dont think many people would need one of these for gaming duties.

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  • David

    Fair review. Core i3 seems great. I want to get a new laptop with a core i3 in it. ive an older core duo system and its starting to feel a bit long in the tooth

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  • Samuel Burns

    Looks like a family machine to me, not really for a gamer at all. SHame they didnt do a version with a bundled monitor. I think people might expect a screen on the config tool

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  • Terry

    THe plain black one looks best IMO. not into the colored gimmicky stuff.

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  • Uriel

    I wish Dell would use better power supplies instead of their own poorly branded models. even an entry level thermaltake or something

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  • procupine14

    These are nice little systems but people like me aren’t ever really impressed with pricing of something like this that I can build for the same price or at least slightly cheaper. I also wish that Dell would just add a couple of pounds to the tag and put a decent PSU and some memory heatspreaders on this thing. A lot of people that will be purchasing a system usually keep a computer quite a long time because it fits their very limited computing needs. Longevity seems like it should be at the forefront of design but perhaps that’s just my thought.

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  • Trefor

    Bought an Inspiron 620 MT less than 3 months ago. Had motherboard replaced twice (wouldn’t power up), hard drive replaced (return to depot) and video card (HDMI port not working following ‘repair’) All data gone and I now have to set up from scratch again. This has no WiFi as standard and no option to have it added! I am getting very frustrated with Dell after nearly 10 yrs of having used desktops and laptops.

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  • David Norris

    I am looking to update my Inspiron 530, I only use it for emails and “Photoshop” work, would the 620 and St2220 monitor be a reasonable combination?
    Dave Norris

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  • Zardon

    Seems like a good price now and for what you need, it would be fine. Just make sure you get a reasonable amount of memory installed, depending on how heavy your photoshop work is.

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