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Here is how you can get started on Star Wars: Knights of the Fallen Empire

Earlier this year, Bioware announced that it would be launching a brand new story expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, known as Knights of the Fallen Empire. However, we haven't known much about the new expansion until now. This week, Bioware held a developer stream, where it went over key details for those looking to play Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Those wanting to jump in to the brand new story will need to be subscribed. Players with a level 60 character already can jump straight in but if you are behind on your levelling, you get one free ‘start at level 60' character, while creating it you can pick your advanced class and discipline before jumping in to the action. However, since the start of the expansion is geared towards new players, you will only start off with three skills.

Another thing to note is that once you start Knights of the Fallen Empire, you can't go back and play through the base game story, Rise of the Hutt Cartel or the Shadow of Revan expansions with that character, though side content will remain. The good news is if you do want to play through the old story content, Bioware has organized things so that players can level through 1-55 purely on class/story missions, rather than needing to farm side quests for XP. Traditional levelling resumes once you start the Shadow of Revan content though. In all, you won't feel held back as a new player who simply wants to get in and enjoy the story, you can essentially play this like a single-player game.

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Once you are in the game, if you are starting off with a brand new level 60 character, you will start off with a set amount of utility points. However, to spend these manually you will need to toggle the option in the advanced settings menu before starting the game. Crew skills will come automatically applied but companion roles can now be switched on the fly, allowing you to switch between healer, damage and tank.

That's just about everything for getting started in Knights of the Fallen Empire. However, the dev stream went over some of the finer systems, like the group finder and changes to Legacy as well. You can catch the full VOD for yourself, HERE. It's pretty long, coming in at around two and a half hours. Knights of the Fallen Empire officially launches on the 27th of October, with the first nine story chapters. Once the new Star Wars film launches, Bioware will return with new story chapters for subscribers, additional content will be added ‘episodically'.

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KitGuru Says: I'm playing through SWTOR as if it were a single player game at the moment thanks to the 12x experience boost for story content. The new expansion looks particularly interesting story-wise, hopefully at some point the Old Republic story lines will be made canon. Do any of you play Star Wars: The Old Republic? 


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  1. I tried to play this recently and i can’t stand it. The way in which you control your character is dated and because of that it’s just plain awkward to control it. Im long past suffering through that kind of thing to enjoy the game because i’ve got plenty of other things to do but enjoy.

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  3. how is it dated? it’s like every other MMO out there? it controls exactly how every mmo does and there’s nothing awkward about it. plus, while it’s perfectly fine you don’t like it.. why exactly do you read articles about it and post comments about it? there’s plenty of MMO’s i don’t play and/or don’t enjoy – but you won’t find me reading all about them and then telling people how much i can’t stand them. it seems like a waste of your time.

  4. How? I already answered that.

    “It’s like every other dated MMO” – Fixed that for you.

    I repeat. It is awkward to play. That is my opinion and launching into a semi-tirade where at the end you try to talk me out of commenting, allows us to peek up your dress. Can you not handle criticism?

    I read articles on a myriad of topics but I don’t let my preconceptions dictate what i can and can’t look at. Not that i should justify myself but i’ll indulge you by admitting that Star Wars interests me and the state of the game interests me.

    This is the comments, Goebbels. It’s… wait for it. For comments!
    Telling people that they’re wasting time seems to be a waste of your own but if that’s what you’re all about, then go nuts.

  5. Little bit over the top that isn’t it? You ironically ended up being “Goebbels” to
    his comment on yours. Ahh you can smell that irony, take a moment and a sniff.
    Just cause it’s the same controls doesn’t mean its dated, it means its tried and tested, plus people can pick it up easier.

  6. Sorry to break this to you Apis but you’re wrong.

    There is no irony as i was not the one who made the suggestion to not bother posting. To infer that my opinion in a general comments section was unwelcome, only because he disagreed.

    Now take a wiff, Apis because you overreached and revealed your true motivation as a would-be devils advocate but your kind of ‘Good Samaritan’ advocacy is worse because not only was it false, it was ineffective.

    Now, if you want to twist that into a trumped-up crusade, go right ahead.