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Microsoft accidentally confirms Windows 9 ‘coming soon’

Microsoft's Chinese office has accidentally leaked the Windows 9 logo in a blog post, along with the tag line “Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you think the start menu at the left bottom will make a come back?”. The post has since been removed but it wasn't fast enough to avoid screenshots and media reports from circulating.

Microsoft has yet to officially comment on Windows 9, codenamed Threshold. However, this leak coincides with recent reports suggesting that the company will release a preview of the updated operating system by the end of September.

Windows 9
This is confirmed to be one of Microsoft's mock up logos, it is possible that it won't feature on the final product.

The upcoming Windows 9 preview for developers and and enterprise users will give us our first look at the new user interface, which is said to feature a metro style start button. The charms bar feature will likely be removed and changes will be made to the way Windows 8 apps interact with the desktop.

While the return of the start button will be the main selling point, reports have suggested that Microsoft is also testing its digital assistant, Cortana, on desktop machines- meaning we could see it come to Windows 9 in a future update.

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Source: CNbeta

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