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AOC launches PDS range of Porsche-styled screens

Having decided to launch a new line of stylish monitors with the help of the Studio F. A. Porsche design house, AOC decided that the best place to deliver the message was the Porsche Test Track – next to the car giant’s production centre in Leipzig. KitGuru courageously accepted the challenge of navigating replicas of the Parabolica, Mobil 1 S, Curve di Lesmo and Suntory Corner corners on the track in a variety of 911s, as well as detailed presentation on the background to the new range of screens. Would the AOC PDS silver screens set our hearts racing as much as drifting a 911 Turbo?

AOC finds itself in a unique situation: Although it belongs to the largest monitor manufacturer on the planet – and it’s been producing screens for more than 70 years – the AOC brand is not tied into any one particular market sector. It’s sibling, Philips, has a strong offer into the high end professional market with a selection of 4K and 5K products – and the AGON sub-brand is aimed squarely at gamers who want an affordable way to blast aliens on a curved screen that refreshes at 240Hz.

That gives AOC the opportunity to re-invent itself. And to help this transformation, it has decided to work with Studio A. F. Porsche to create a new series of screens that flow naturally from the Porsche design ethic: If you analyse the function of an object, the form often becomes obvious. Form follows function. So how has that been applied in this situation?

Henning Rieseler, Head of Studio F. A. Porsche agreed to explain his company’s approach to AOC’s challenge.

“In its purist sense, a monitor is just a screen. In reality, this simplistic view is obscured by bulky stands with multiple cables hanging out of the back”, he explained. “The new AOC PDS monitor series revolutionises the traditional approach to monitor design. It led to an expressive shape when designing the monitor stand – following the natural way that a cable flows away from the screen. This form not only follows the function, but celebrates it through an asymmetrical shape – in an elegant and sophisticated way”.

Seeing the curve of the cable evolve into the secure stand and base is pretty clever. It’s obvious when you see it, but stands out in the market today.



Stefan Sommer, AOC’s Director Marketing & Business Management, was clearly chuffed. “We’re very proud of the result of AOC’s collaboration with Studio F.A. Porsche. These new futuristic and elegant monitors from the PDS line make a bold statement about AOC’s dedication to delivering innovative products“.

“At the front, the well-defined asymmetrical metal stand accentuates the 3-sides-frameless design. Looking from the sides, both of these monitors are slimmer than the latest smartphones at just 5.2 mm thick”, he said.

The AOC PDS range is not aimed at gamers. It is not aimed at graphic or video editing professionals. It is aimed at style-conscious executives, designers and artists who want a thing of beauty on their desks.   Whether the 24” PDS241 and 27” PDS271 achieve that goal will be down to individual taste.

What we can tell you is that with launch pricing of €219 and €249 respectively, choosing to have Porsche styling on your desktop is not going to break the bank.

Sure, there are cheaper screens on the market – but will they make you smile and stare as much as the PDS241 an PDS271?

We will be analysing this launch in the KitGuru Labs shortly, in the meantime here are the key tech specifications being claimed by AOC:-

  • Screen Technology:         AH-IPS
  • Sizes Available:                 24” and 27”
  • Resolution:                        1920×1080
  • Viewing Angle:                  178 degrees
  • Response Time:                4ms
  • Refresh Rate:                    60Hz
  • L
  • Colour Matching:             100% sRGB and 90% of the NTSC Colour Space
  • Ergonomics:                      AOC Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free Technologies
  • Connectivity:                     HDMI

The Porsche Design Centre at Leipzip was a great choice for a product launch and gave us a chance to test our Top Gear photography skills on the cars outside and in the museum.

The last shot of the day comes from the earlier days of Porsche, where even the humble farm tractor was given a racy feel.

KitGuru says: With the launch of the PDS range, AOC will be able to answer an interesting question: How much will customers spend on a product in order to have something different, something special, a design that actually demands attention.

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