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Dr Dre’s Beats breaking into the streaming game


The Beats brand, founded by Hip Hop artist Dr Dre and now with HTC as its majority share holder, has announced the acquisition of music streaming service MOG. Using a platform similar to the ever more popular Spotify, MOG offers a library of some 16 million songs, listenable to for …

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ACTA Make or Break


This week sees the final vote made by Members of European Parliament (MEP) on whether the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is passed or not. It’s been rejected by several smaller groups – most recently the European Parliament’s International Trade committee – but this is the big one. A rejection in this final …

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BT Pirate Bay block already circumvented

BT Pirate Bay Block

While BT might have held off the longest in instigating the court ordered block of torrent search site The Pirate bay, it has now become one amongst many, including: Virgin, O2, Everything Everywhere and TalkTalk. The ISP did attempt to go a step further than the others, by preventing users …

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Google warns YoutubeMP3 of “legal consequences”

Youtube-Mp3.org Legal Threat

While many might not bat an eye at ripping a song or favourite audio track from Youtube using one of the many conversion sites, browser add-ons or applications, Google has spoken out about the practice, in particular targeting Youtube-mp3.org with a warning. Claiming that these sort of websites break the …

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