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Does gaming make you a bad politician?

WoW Rogue

Being a gamer might not affect your actual skillset as far as being a politician goes, but it certainly seems to be giving ammunition to the opponents of one US democratic candidate. Colleen Lachowicz, who is trying to be elected as a member of the senate, is being attacked for …

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Pro republican group, advertising on The Pirate Bay

American Future Fund

While we may have seen a Canadian governmental organisation accidentally advertise on The Pirate Bay just last week, today another group has appeared on the file sharing site, this time intentionally it seems, asking the question, “Are you better off?” after four years of Obama? The organisation behind these adverts …

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Facebook breaks a billion

Facebook Like

Facebook has finally reached the dizzy heights of having over a billion active members, making it the first social network to do so. Its nearest rival Twitter, has just over half that number – showing the impressive feat Facebook has achieved. Founder of the site, Mark Zuckerburg made the announcement, …

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HD CCTV, more of a invasion of privacy?

Scanner Darkly

CCTV cameras capable of recording in high definition, could spark a public outcry, it has been warned by the UK’s surveillance commissioner, Andrew Rennison. While many would argue that better quality cameras are more likely to be able to identify criminals, plenty of people still fear the ‘Big Brother’ future …

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BBC to enter free music streaming market


The BBC is planning to enter the music streaming game, with a free to play service similar to iPlayer. Known as Playlister, the service won’t offer exactly the same thing as Spotify and its contemporaries, but will stream hundreds of thousands of BBC recordings from the network’s TV and radio …

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Ultrabook sales predictions take a nose dive


The sales predictions by market research firm IHS iSuppli have been drastically reduced by more than half, due to poor sales earlier in the year. While initial expectations were for at least 22 million to be sold by the end of the year, now it only suggests 10 million will …

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UK 4G arriving by summer 2013


Finally the big mobile operators have begun to shake hands over how the auction for 4G services will take place this year, with the agreement between them all expecting to be signed tonight – presumably because none of them want to give Everyone Everywhere (EE) too much of a lead …

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Pirate Bay founder Svartholm detained without charges

Gottfrid Svartholm

One of the four founding members of torrent search site The Pirate Bay, Gottfrid Svartholm, is currently detained in a Swedish prison after his deportation from Cambodia, but while he is being held on suspicion of hacking he hasn’t been officially charged – highlighting Sweden’s controversial imprisonment laws. On top of not being charged with …

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Awesome Half Life short: Enter the Freeman

Fans of the Half Life Universe are in for a treat, as a new short film was launched yesterday on Youtube, showing some of the early stages of Black Mesa’s fallout. Scientist and all-round crowbar swinging badass, Gordon Freeman makes an appearance near the start, taking on the role of …

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Google adsense banned author for Pirate Bay link

Cody Jackson

A self published author was banned from Google’s adsense program after it was found he was using the torrent search site The Pirate Bay to distribute his work, linking to the content from the same site that Google’s ads were appearing. Cory Jackson, author of a book on Python programming, …

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Xbox Live Gamerscore now earns rewards

Rewards Scheme

Microsoft has implemented rewards for those that reach milestones for their achievement bolstered gamer scores, offering birthday gifts and money back on purchases. The introduction of gameplay achievements oh so many years ago was a big thing. It added a new element to gameplay that people enjoyed. While some games …

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Talk Talk is the worst ISP, again

Talk Talk

Talk Talk has been crowned the king of horrible ISPs, after it was announced that it had received the most complaints about its services between Apil and June this year. For every 100,000 customers, it received 42 complaints for its broadband – comparative service Sky, received only 10. It wasn’t …

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CA Department of Finance ad appeared on The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay Ad

The Canadian Department of Finance (DoF) has had to suspend an advertising campaign it had entrusted to Yahoo, after one of its Economic Action banners appeared on the file sharing website The Pirate Bay. Apparently the ad appeared along with the search results for a Dr Who episode. The official …

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Kim Dotcom shows off Megabox teaser

A new video appeared this morning on the MrKimDotcom Youtube channel, headlined “Kim Dotcom – Making of Megabox,” which plays out like a movie trailer, with shots going in and out of focus, a thumping musical backing track and sample footage of the new website in action, giving a hint as …

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MySpace’s latest facelift

MySpace, once the pinnacle of social networking advancement is far from the entity it once was, though at its peak it had only a fraction of Facebook’s insane user base. Still, its current owners, like those of the newly revamped DIGG, are hoping to draw back a few of the older users …

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Paying with tweets?

Tweet Shop

Ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to buy some Special K cereal, but I have no money. If only I could pay with my tweets”? If you’re one of the very few people that answered yes to that question then I may have the shop for you. The world’s first …

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Iran takes out Google search and Gmail

Google Block

Iran no longer has access to the Google search engine, or the Gmail email system, with no explanation by officials as to if or when they will be reinstated and what the reason for their filtering was. The announcement for the digital blockade was made by an official named Khoramabadi – …

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Inquiry ordered on Kim Dotcom ‘spying’

Dotcom Raid

An inquiry has been ordered by the New Zealand Prime Minster, John Key, into whether the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) – NZ’s foreign intelligence agency – conducted unlawful spying on the Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, as part of the investigation. According to Mr Key(via Beehive.govt), the GCSB acted unlawfully …

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HMV shares continue to tumble


Despite managing to meet its sales target of making £10 million in pre-tax profits this year, HMV’s sales have continued to drop leading to a further reduction in share price by 8 per cent. While the company was keen to blame what it described as a lack of new music …

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Pirate Bay financier to go bankrupt

Carl Lundstrom

One of the four men charged with facilitating copyright infringement as part of the Pirate Bay (TPB) trial and bankroller of the site’s early days, Carl Lundström, has filed for personal bankruptcy. At this stage, after interest increases and additions, the four collectively owe 76 million Kronor (£7.2 million), but …

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“Offensive” tweets unlikely to bring criminal charges

Offensive Tweets

Comments made on social network Twitter, are unlikely to lead to criminal charges, the current director of prosecutions, Keir Starmer has said. This follows in the wake of scandal surrounding jokes made about Olympic diver Tom Daley and another made about blowing up a British airport. Starmer clarified the point, …

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German government warns against IE use

Internet Explorer

With the latest of serious bugs in IE going unfixed for a couple of days now, Germany’s government has taken the surprising move to urge its citizens to stop using the long standing browser, amid fears over its security. Considering the flaw can affect all versions of the browser, it …

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Slashdot, Sourceforge sold to Dice Holdings

Dice Holdings

Slashdot, along with Sourceforge and Freecode have been sold to Dice Holdings, owners of tech job search site Dice.com. The technology news site, best known for giving internet writers massive boosts to their readership if linked to and its never-ending debates on topics such as browser preferences, Slashdot was once valued at …

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Twitter emphasises pictures with new look

Twitter Changes

Twitter has overhauled its look, by emphasising photos as part of a redesign that has quite obviously taken some inspiration from Facebook’s Timeline cover photo. Revealed for the first time by company Dick Costolo this morning on American television, he said that a user’s avatar image will now appear in …

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Ebook price wars threaten entire industry


While Ebook and Ereader sales have shown enormous growth in the past few years, thanks to Amazon’s Kindle, the Nook Tablet, smaller companies like Kobo and more, the entire industry is coming under threat from price competition between content providers. Some of the best selling authors now have digital books …

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iControlPad Kickstarter is going well

The Kickstarter funding campaign for the second version of the iControlPad, named the same with a simple “2” added to the end, is going very well, chocking up almost a third of its goal money in less than four days. At the time of writing, it sits at $41,623 with …

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MusicMetric evidence shows torrent site blocks do nothing

Loz Kaye

As part of its Digital Music Index, MusicMetric has released the “largest ever public data set showing trends in music on BitTorrent,” in the UK. Unfortunately for anti-sharing lobbyist groups, it shows that despite the blocks against sites like The Pirate Bay and Newzbin 2, it doesn’t make a lick …

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