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The Business: More GTA V screenshots

GTA V The Business

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s more relaxed looking GTA V screens, featuring tennis courts, parachuting and the sheer beauty of the natural world Rockstar looks to have created for its next Grand Theft Auto title, we have four new screengrabs that showcase scenes with a little more focus on …

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Microsoft gets a new logo

Microsoft made a monumental announcement this morning. No, it’s not a revamped Windows 8, no the next Xbox isn’t just around the corner. Microsoft has a new logo and it’s inspiration is clearly Metro. The design language, not a shortening of another word. This is the first time Microsoft has …

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US cracking down on app piracy

FBI Seized

While organisations like the MPAA and RIAA get a lot of press for lobbying governments into taking down music and movie related file sharing sites, the US authorities have been targeting a new kind of piracy as well – app piracy. In a single swipe, the US government has taken …

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Anonymous hits Pussy Riot court website


Internet hacktivist movement Anonymous, has shown how it feels about the recent conviction of Russian anti-government protesters, the band Pussy Riot, by defacing the website of the court that sentenced them. To show their dissaproval at the outcome of the trial, the Anons posted a video of the latest single …

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LG debuts 84in Ultra HD 4k TV


LG has today shown off its new Ultra Definition Television (UDTV) set for the first time. Featuring a display resolution of 3840 × 2160 and an 84in span from diagonal corner to corner, making this the company’s biggest TV set to date. UDTV is one of the new high resolution …

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Facebook is copying China?

Timeline Comparison

In what initially seems like someone has the story back to front, a US firm is being accused of copying from a Chinese one. However, it turns out that’s exactly what’s happening. The companies in question are Facebook and Cubic Network, which is claiming that the social network giant stole …

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Everything Everywhere gets 4G head start

OfCom Troll

In a move that isn’t likely to please the other mobile companies, OfCom has granted Everything Everywhere (formerly Orange and T-Mobile) approval for using its existing 1800 MHz spectrum to offer 4G data services to its customers. Considering the auction for who gets what part of the spectrum has yet …

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Is Rapidshare’s hypocrisy a peace offering?

Daniel Raimer

File locker website Rapidshare has been making headlines today, after its chief legal officer, Daniel Raimer, suggested that cloud storage websites like Rapidshare weren’t facilitators of piracy at all – it’s the link sites that are to blame. Of course it didn’t take long for those with strong moral standings …

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Two thirds of the UK to have FTTH by 2016


Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt has been playing up to claims that when it comes to broadband, his main interest  is speed, not coverage. He even went as far as saying that himself: “when the Lords Committee criticised me this summer for being preoccupied with speed, I plead guilty. And so …

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Google lets you Private Message in Hangouts now


Google is continuing to update its social network API, this time adding the ability to private message your pals when you’re in a Hangout. This brings the Hangout API to version 1.2, not only making it possible to communicate without others listening in, but also integrating new video and sound …

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RIAA funding continues to fall, making legal cuts

Copyright lobby group the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has just released its 2010-2011 tax report and its revenue streams are not looking strong. Membership dues from music labels have dropped considerably, leaving the organisations with less than $30 million in revenue – almost half that of the year …

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High Court rules Kim Dotcom to see all prosecution evidence

Kim Dotcom

Legally embattled owner of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, has secured a minor victory in New Zealand, after the High Court backed up an earlier decision by Judge David Harvey, who stepped down earlier this year after making impartial comments relating to the case. Mr Dotcom and his legal team will be …

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New video codec HEVC could halve file sizes


A new codec from the Moving Picture Experts Group (Mpeg) known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) could allow for vastly reduced file sizes for movies and videos – by as much as 50 per cent if claims from the group are to be believed. The potential for something like …

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Corsair buys Raptor Gaming

Corsair Raptor Gaming

Memory and PSU manufacturer Corsair, has bought out peripheral maker, Raptor Gaming, with intentions to continue the brand alongside Corsair’s own products, including the Vengeance range (some of which we liked a lot) which includes the same sort of kit that Raptor is known for: mice, keyboards etc. “Corsair and …

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Kaspersky needs your help with Gauss malware warhead

Captain Kapersky

Anti-virus maker and web security firm Kaspersky Lab, has begun reaching out to the world wide community with a plea for help. It’s looking for those interested in cryptology, numerology and maths, with the hope that someone will be able to help it crack an encryption key for a warhead …

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SurftheChannel owner gets four years, PirateParty comments

SurfTheChannel Anton Vickerman

The man behind Surfthechannel.com, a site that offered links to websites streaming copyright protected content has been sentenced to four years in jail. Found guilty for fraud and facilitating copyright infringement, 38 year old Anton Vickerman, designed the site and took others onboard to help source movies and TV shows …

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Half Life 3 could be debuted at Gamescom

Half Life 3

Update: Since writing this story, Eurogamer is saying that the Half Life 3 rumour is “a mistake,” according to the organisers of Gamescom. The hotly anticipated sequel to 2004’s Half Life 2 and its ensuing episodes, could appear for the first time at Gamescom, according to a PDF from the …

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HMV wants you to come in-store and save on postage


HMV is continuing its struggles to stay relevant in an increasingly digitally dominated media world, by offering a click and collect system, where users can reserve online and then buy and collect in-store. This saves on postage, which the company likely takes a small loss on – since it offers …

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Demonoid domains for sale, uTorrent going ad supported

Torrent News

Lots of torrent news over the weekend for those downloading, legitimately and not. First up, Demonoid’s domain names have now been listed for sale. The site has been down for some  time, with some fans of the popular torrent search site suggesting that perhaps it was just a temporary outage; since that had …

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Facebook targets scammers, settles FTC privacy dispute

Facebook Phishing

Facebook has finally settled its argument with regulatory body, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), over what was described as, “unfair and deceptive” changes to its privacy policy in 2009. While it was initially thought that the social network might be fined for its actions – in a similar fashion …

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Wii U release delayed in Europe

Wii U

The release of Nintendo’s next generation console, the Wii U, will be delayed in Europe due to a manufacturing issues, if the latest reports from people “familiar with the situation” are to be believed. The console itself isn’t to blame apparently, but the fancy touch screen controller. Manufacturing issues aren’t …

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IFPI was behind Demonoid takedown


The IFPI, which claims to represent the music industry “world wide,” has also claimed responsibility for the Demonoid takedown. While of course it didn’t raid the Demonoid offices itself, it was the complaints to Interpol that eventually led to the action. If you’re not up to speed on the situation, …

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Video of Kim Dotcom raid appears

Video of Kim Dotcom’s arrest for copyright infringement and the operation behind it, has appeared as part of the ongoing trial of the Megaupload owner. Filmed from the undercarriage of the first helicopter to arrive on the scene, as well as one of Dotcom’s own security cameras on the grounds, …

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The next version of the internet, could be real-time


While many people are consistently impressed with contemporary web developments, one of the questions often asked is “what will the internet of the future be like?” One company believes it’ll be real-time and it’s not too far away either. Having renamed itself from the dull sounding Internet Business Technologies, into …

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EU Commission investigating net neutrality

Digital Agenda

The European Commission has announced it is undergoing a public consultation that aims to look into the “aspects of transparency, traffic management,” with a view to keeping the internet free, and open. Net neutrality is a big issue for campaigners of internet freedom, since it prevents ISPs and other organisations …

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Day Z gets standalone game

Day Z Official

Day Z, the zombie survival, permadeath mod for the three year old ARMA II, has now finally been given the go ahead as a full game. The original creator of the mod, Dean “Rocket” Hall will be the project lead, with ARMA II creator, Bohemia handling the publishing. The announcement …

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MPAA looking to recruit pro-copyright bloggers

MPAA Thumbs Up

The Motion Picture Association of America is continuing its campaign to get the founder of streaming site TV Shack, Richard O’Dwyer, extradited to the United States to stand trial for copyright infringement. However in a leaked memo posted by TorrentFreak, it’s been revealed that one of the most “challenging” aspects …

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Amazon selling more eBooks than print

eBook Dominance

Online retailer Amazon has announced that it now sells more eBooks than hardbacks and paperbacks combined. This can be broken down by the statistic that for every 100 print books that leave the company’s digital shelves, 114 eBooks are downloaded. Much of the growth of eBook sales has been put …

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