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Crunching data with a million cores


In what is a record breaking achievement, researchers at Stanford University have just leveraged a million cores from the Sequoia IBM Bluegene/Q supercomputer to simulate the amount of noise produced by an experimental jet engine – one that they hope will allow for much quieter jet propulsion technology. While there …

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Crytek saves Darksiders developers, makes new studio


While THQ is now just about done, with many of its properties and studios bought up by other companies, one that was neglected during the auction was Vigil, the developer of the Darksiders gamers. Now though, Crytek has swooped in and saved the day, picking up most of the employees …

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Amazon sitting on $9 billion after record Christmas


Amazon is expected to to announce after its best Christmas takings in years, that its coffers have swollen to an impressive $9 (£5.7) billion, which represents an impressive increase since September, when Amazon was sitting on a more modest total around $5.2 (£3.3) billion. It’s thought that this uptake in …

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Ultra HD broadcasts to start in 2014


If you’re one of the few people in the world that has dropped the £20k plus that you’d need in order to get hold of an ultra high definition TV and you happen to live in Japan, then you’re in luck, as you’ll actually be able to do more than …

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Mega resellers disallow Paypal payments

Mega Resellers

Mega got off to a flying start just over a week ago, but it’s run into a few problems. One was keeping the site operational during busy periods and another has proved to be resellers of premium accounts being forced to drop the Paypal payment option. Out of the ten …

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Google+ takes second place in social network race


While Facebook is still far and beyond the world’s most used social website, Google’s own + service has now taken the second place medal, beating out both Youtube and Twitter by a few per cent of the world’s population. According to new data from GlobalWebIndex, Facebook currently has over 50 …

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German court rules: internet essential to modern life


A German court has ruled that its citizens have the right to ask for compensation from their internet service provider should their broadband be disrupted for any length of time, judging internet access to be an essential part of modern life. This decision was made by the Federal Court of …

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Antiguan government to sell pirated movies, music


The government of Antigua is planning to launch a rather unique form of protest, by offering pirated movies, music and software for sale from a new website without paying anything to US copyright holders. The reasoning? The US won’t lift a blockade that prevents the country from offering internet gambling …

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PS4 specs leaked

It was only a few days ago that we heard what the guts of the Xbox 720 will be like and now we’re getting a taste of its main competitor the PS4, with a purported leak that gives us a run down of what we can expect inside Sony’s next-gen …

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Sony fined quarter million for 2011 hack


British authorities have criticised the way Sony handled its hacking breach in 2011 and fined the company £250,000 for what is described as a “serious breach of the Data Protection Act.” Nearly two years ago, hackers gained access to a poorly protected Sony server that contained reams of customer information, …

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Here’s where the THQ properties are going

So the auction is over, the winners have been decided and THQ is going to be diced up and farmed off to different publishers around the world. A lot of our original rumours have turned up pretty accurate, but there are a few additions for the smaller properties. The big …

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Let’s get the elderly gaming

For a long time, gaming has been considered a pursuit of the young. Whether you were part of the original generations of growing-up gamers that had an Atari of some kind, or early PCs, whether your parents bought you a NES or a PS1, you were a child gamer. It’s …

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THQ sale rumours suggest Sega, Ubisoft and Koch Media


Update: Interestingly, South Park Studios, the company behind the hit TV show has said that it isn’t keen on THQ selling off its IP. In-fact, it claims that within its contract with THQ there is a stipulation that should it be breached, South Park Studios has the right to acquire …

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Hilco saves HMV


For those of you that were feeling sad and nostalgic for the long time high street retailer HMV, fret not, as Hilco, the company that bought up HMV Canada a couple years ago, has now stepped in and put the brakes on HMV’s demise and has promised to restructure and …

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Ouya could have Firefox support


While you might be looking forward to the Ouya Android console for many reasons, there could now be one more. Mozilla is currently working on making a Ouya compatible version of its Firefox browser, as well as making it easily navigable with a controller. The announcement was made on the …

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Blockbuster closing 160 stores


The administration firm for Blockbuster, Deloitte – which is becoming more of a household name at this point than the companies it’s administering – has announced that 160 Blockbuster stores will close. “Having reviewed the portfolio with management, the store closure plan is an inevitable consequence of having to restructure …

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Napster documentary Downloaded to premier at SXSW

A documentary directed by Alex Winters, the most excellent companion to Keanu Reeve’s Ted, from Bill and Ted, called Downloaded, is set to debut at the South by South West festival, chronicling the rise and fall of the internet’s first dominant, Peer to Peer file transfer service, Napster, and its …

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HMV accepting gift vouchers once again

If you tore up your HMV gift vouchers in disgust since the announcement that it would no longer be accepting them due to its administration, you’re about to get more annoyed, as they’ve just been reinstated by administrator Deloitte. When it was initially announced that vouchers could no longer be …

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Mega launch plagued by heavy load

File Upload

When launching a website, every developer wants to see the popularity of their new property explode. They want the media talking about it and people watching their press conference, reading their tweets and above all, using the site itself. While that has happened in the case of Kim Dotcom’s new …

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O2 dropping phone chargers


UK mobile phone provider O2 has announced that by 2015 it will no longer offer phone chargers with its handsets, as part of a new initiative called “Charger out of the Box,” which suggests that since most people have a compatible charger anyway, they don’t need another. According to the …

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Conspiracy theorists target Youtube producer death

If you’ve been a fan of Youtube show, FPS Russia for a while now, you will already be aware that the reason no videos have been posted recently is because one of the show’s producers, Keith Ratliff, was found dead on the 3rd January with a single bullet wound in …

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