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Nvidia Shield gets a full-fat version of GeForce Now

GeForce Now has been around for a while, we even covered its initial launch on the Nvidia Shield Tablet several years ago. Since then, Nvidia's cloud gaming ambitions have grown, and the service has ended up with an odd divide. Currently, the PC and Mac version of GeForce Now has a few more features compared to the version available on the Nvidia Shield. That will be changing soon though, with the Shield set to get the full-fledged version.

Nvidia has announced plans to update GeForce Now for the Shield TV, bringing support for all 225 PC games available to stream via the service. Users will also have the ability to buy new games from Steam and uPlay, which you will then be able to stream directly from Nvidia's mighty servers. As with all cloud gaming services though, the quality you get will largely depend on your home internet connection alongside other factors, like your physical distance from the server.

Those who buy games through GeForce Now will be able to skip lengthy download and install times as everything is handled on the server end, including game updates.

While GeForce Now has been around for a few years already, the service is still technically in beta. Those interested can request beta access for their specific device on Nvidia's website.

KitGuru Says: This is a great addition for the Nvidia Shield, it is probably one of the best 4K HDR streaming devices you can buy. This only helps it become a very compelling living room option. Are you going to try GeForce Now on your Nvidia Shield?  

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