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Leo Says Ep. 23: The AMD v INTEL High Core Count Episode!

Today our grumpy hero is back with another episode of Leo Says. In this instalment, Leo talks about the new MacBook Pros and their long-awaited upgrade to Intel 8th Gen processors, as well as the news that Nvidia is reportedly inviting press to an event at Gamescom, though there has been no mention of new graphics cards. Leo also discusses the plight of Raja Koduri at AMD, as well as upcoming HEDT processors from both Intel and AMD.

Watch the video below via Vimeo, or over on YouTube at 2160p HERE

00:15 Introduction
00:37 Apple launches new MacBook Pro
01:19 BlackMagic Launch eGPU system for Mac
01:58 Nvidia hold event at Gamescom
03:13 Was Raja incompetent at AMD?
04:35 AMD 2nd Gen Threadripper catch up
06:14 Intel Discussion and Catchup
09:23 AMD v Intel in high/extreme core count sector

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