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Nvidia is teasing something new for GeForce

We have Computex and E3 coming up fast, making the next few weeks a hugely busy time in the gaming software and hardware worlds. We already know what to expect from AMD, and we have a rough idea of Intel's plans. However, we have heard very little from NVIDIA. That is about to change though, as Team Green has begun teasing… something?

Nvidia sent out a cryptic email to us this afternoon with a link to this equally cryptic YouTube teaser video:

The only lead we have at the moment is that ‘something super is coming'. The teaser video doesn't really give anything away, unlike the RTX teaser video last year, which had a bunch of clues sprinkled throughout. We do know that whatever this is, it is a GeForce product, which means it will be targeting the gaming audience.

My initial impression was some sort of GPU waterblock or possibly a phone but both of those seem out of character for Nvidia. We should find out more about this next week either way, as Nvidia will be holding its own Computex press conference on the 27th of May.

KitGuru Says: Whatever this ends up being, we are looking forward to learning more. Do any of you have any guesses? 

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