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DARPA has made a carrier-style drone-catcher

The U.S.’ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has created a new carrier-like crane system for catching drones mid-flight. This isn’t like the eagles police have been training, but an aircraft carrier-like system of providing a safe ‘landing’ point for drones to return to. This could expand the effective range …

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Intel drones were behind Lady Gaga Superbowl half-time show

Our cousins across the pond celebrated their biggest ‘football’ event this weekend and that means that the internet has largely ignored the results and spent a lot of time talking about the entertainment offered elsewhere during the game. The half-time show, for example, featured singer Lady Gaga doing her thing, …

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Qualcomm execs fire back at Apple’s $1 billion lawsuit

Last week, we learned that Apple had launched a huge $1 billion lawsuit against Qualcomm over what the company deemed to be unfair licensing agreements. The US Federal Trade Commission was also suing Qualcomm for similar reasons. Since then, Qualcomm had its third quarter earnings call, during which company executives …

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AirSelfie camera drone now available for pre-order

The miniature flying camera drone, AirSelfie, is now available for pre-order, following a complete set up of the production line. Kickstarter pledges are set to ship out in March this year, with those pre-ordering the device now, slated to receive their’s by May. AirSelfie is a miniature drone equipped with …

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Panasonic wants to partner with Tesla on more than batteries


Panasonic has announced its intention to expand its current partnership with electric car marker Tesla, beyond the battery manufacturing deal the two currently have together. CEO at the company, Kazuhiro Tsuga said in an interview that he would like to see the company expand into autonomous driving sensors that could …

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FTC goes after Qualcomm for anti competitive practises 


It looks like the Federal Trade Commission has set its sights on Qualcomm this week, as a new lawsuit filed claims that the chip maker has been engaging in anti-competitive behaviour and monopolised a ‘key semiconductor device’ used by Apple for the iPhone and iPad. The FTC’s complaint claims that …

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Flying cars might be a reality after all


Forget self-driving cars, self-flying cars might be the next big thing in transport. Airbus has announced that it will soon begin testing a flying car prototype that is able to transport passengers autonomously to their destination, avoiding the difficulties of traffic, as well as all of the potential obstacles that …

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Shareholders want to stop Samsung from acquiring Harman


Late last year it was announced that Samsung would be acquiring premium audio systems maker, Harman, responsible for Harman/Kardon speakers and connected cars. Samsung was looking to buy up the company for a cool $8 billion but it turns out, Harman shareholders aren’t happy with the deal and are looking …

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