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Nvidia pretends to drop a living room from a plane

Nvidia is looking to push its Shield set-top box once again, with a promotion and accompanying video that showcases the CG potential of Nvidia hardware. It appears to drop a living room from a plane, including gamer, TV, and Shield, but Nvidia wants you to guess whether it’s really happening, …

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Google asked to take down 1500 links per minute

Media companies have lumped Google with a lot of responsibility when it comes to fighting piracy, so much so that Google now handles two million takedown requests every single day. According to Google’s own transparency report, the company received 65 million takedown requests in the last month alone. The math …

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Google is finally willing to protect Fair Use on YouTube

Over the years, YouTube has become a huge platform for content creators. Over the years, it has seemed like the copyright system on YouTube was stacked against creators, with no real fair use protection against bogus copyright claims. Now, YouTube is finally doing something about it with a new fair …

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Amazon’s same day delivery service expands in UK

Amazon has been experimenting with same day delivery over in the US this year, with Prime Now expanding to a few cities. The retail giant even brought the service over to London earlier this year but now it is set to expand further to cover nine more locations across the UK. …

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5Gbps broadband is landing in the UK- for a price

The UK isn’t exactly known for its blazing fast internet speeds, with average household broadband speeds sitting at 10.7Mbps. However, one company is planning on blowing the UK away with its own 5Gbps broadband service, though it will cost you quite a bit to get it. Right now, the 5Gbps …

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This iPhone case doubles as a virtual reality viewer

Virtual reality is growing and there is a big push for it on smartphones, thanks to products like the Samsung GearVR and the Google Cardboard. The YouTube app even supports virtual reality headset viewing from smartphones now, something that Figment is looking to help push with its iPhone case, which …

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Google Glass 2 may ditch the display

Google Glass is still alive and well behind the closed doors of Google X. However, even with development now taking place behind closed doors, that isn’t stopping us from getting any information on what could be coming. The latest news seems to be that one of Google’s Glass 2 variants …

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Blizzard is suing a bot maker for copyright infringement

Blizzard has launched a lawsuit at the creators of several popular bot services that help players cheat at World of Warcraft, Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard is accusing the bot developers of copyright infringement and also points out that bot services ruin the gaming experience for legitimate …

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Lockheed and Boeing to build re-usable rocket too

When a new piece of hardware is introduced to a market that shakes things up, it’s often termed disruptive. Elon Musk is himself, a disruptor of many industries, helping push the world towards electric cars, high-speed maglev hyperloop travel and indeed, cheaper and more efficient space transits. So much so …

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