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Google car rebranded as Waymo, still very much alive


Google’s car project is not being scaled back as was rumored, but has instead been rebranded as Waymo and will now operate under the Alphabet brand, much like many other Google projects which aren’t search or advertising related. Doubling down on its efforts, Waymo will soon be adding a further …

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Logitech smart security cameras now know who you are


Logitech has enhanced its Circle Home security cameras with proprietary artificial intelligence, that allows them to use facial recognition to determine who people are. When combined with ‘Motion Zones,’ it should make the system much more capable of detecting intruders, or letting you know when specific people enter your home. …

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Nvidia’s self-driving car will hit public roads soon


Giant tech firms have been working on self-driving cars for quite some time now and while we have already seen the likes of Google and Tesla hit the public testing stage, others are starting to join the fun, including Nvidia which was just granted permission to begin testing self-driving cars …

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Spotify won’t be buying out SoundCloud any more


Earlier this year, word began spreading that Spotify was in ‘advanced talks’ to acquire SoundCloud, another music streaming service that focusses on user-made tracks. However, after much consideration, it looks like Spotify has decided to back out due to ‘additional licensing headaches’. This is all according to a source speaking …

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Foxconn manager made $1.5 million selling stolen iPhones


It looks like a now former senior manager at Foxconn could face quite the jail sentence after being caught stealing around 5,700 iPhones worth around $1.5 million. This manager worked in the testing department specifically and had eight employees under his wing, who he instructed to smuggle thousands of iPhones. …

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You can now download Netflix shows for Offline viewing


Netflix users have been requesting an offline viewing feature for quite some time now and after plenty of consideration, the streaming service has finally made it happen. Starting from today, Netflix will be getting an offline viewing mode, allowing subscribers to download certain shows and movies to watch later when …

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Ofcom wants to split up BT and Openreach


Back in July, UK communications regulator Ofcom set its sights on BT and ordered the ISP to make itself more independent from Openreach. At first, BT complied and said that it would work on addressing these complaints but in the time since then, little has been done, forcing Ofcom to …

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Samsung might be selling its PC business to Lenovo


Samsung has been in the PC business for years now but over time, things have become considerably less profitable, thanks in part to the rise of smartphones and tablets. Now in order to cut the costs associated with its PC business, Samsung is apparently looking to sell it off and …

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Tesla shows success of solar + Power Pack combo

Tesla has been touting its idea of sustainable, green energy for a while now, but its combination of solar energy and power storage doesn’t necessarily have everyone convinced. To that end, it’s shown off a project on an island in American Samoa, which has made its energy solution entirely clean, …

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