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You can now download Netflix shows for Offline viewing


Netflix users have been requesting an offline viewing feature for quite some time now and after plenty of consideration, the streaming service has finally made it happen. Starting from today, Netflix will be getting an offline viewing mode, allowing subscribers to download certain shows and movies to watch later when …

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Ofcom wants to split up BT and Openreach


Back in July, UK communications regulator Ofcom set its sights on BT and ordered the ISP to make itself more independent from Openreach. At first, BT complied and said that it would work on addressing these complaints but in the time since then, little has been done, forcing Ofcom to …

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Samsung might be selling its PC business to Lenovo


Samsung has been in the PC business for years now but over time, things have become considerably less profitable, thanks in part to the rise of smartphones and tablets. Now in order to cut the costs associated with its PC business, Samsung is apparently looking to sell it off and …

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Tesla shows success of solar + Power Pack combo

Tesla has been touting its idea of sustainable, green energy for a while now, but its combination of solar energy and power storage doesn’t necessarily have everyone convinced. To that end, it’s shown off a project on an island in American Samoa, which has made its energy solution entirely clean, …

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Suzi Perry reveals Fleetlights Guardian Drones


While the vast majority of drone projects seem focused on photography, video surveillance or acts of war – Direct Line insurance has been investing in new ways to use unmanned aerial vehicles to help preserve life in novel ways. KitGuru was invited to experience the Fleetlights project at Wrotham Park and to see, first …

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ACCC wants court to fine Valve $3 million


Since 2014, Australia’s consumer rights group, the ACCC, has been hammering down on Valve due to the ‘no refunds’ policy that was enforced on Steam prior to June 2015. In fact, this court case is likely one of the major catalysts that forced Valve into implementing its current refunds policy. …

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Intel’s drones dance in new Disney light show

It turns out fireworks aren’t the only way to light up the sky at night – you can also use drone technology. That’s what Disney has been trialling in a new partnership with Intel’s new Shooting Star lightweight drones, creating a 300 strong choreographed performance called a Starbright Holidays light …

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Apple may be preparing its own Google Glass competitor


A couple of years back, Google made a big push for augmented reality with Google Glass but unfortunately the project ultimately failed to catch on. Despite Google Glass’s failure, it doesn’t seem to have scarred Apple away from developing a similar device of its own as reports this week claim …

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Tesla buys up autonomous manufacturing specialist


Tesla has purchased one of the companies that helped it develop the Model 3 affordable electric car, Grohmann Engineering. The German firm is well known for its pedigree in automation and electronics manufacturing and will form the basis for the newly announced Tesla Advanced Automation Germany headquarters. Although Tesla has …

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YouTube now supports High-Dynamic Range content


If you have upgraded to an Ultra-HD TV in the last year or two, then chances are it supports High-Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, which boosts the colour spectrum and enhances contrast ratios. However, right now, there isn’t a ton of HDR-supported content available, which YouTube hopes to change as the …

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13 streaming sites targeted in UK ISP blocks


The UK government’s forced ISP-level piracy site blocks are still floating around and it seems that the list of banned sites is still growing as today an additional 13 streaming sites were added to the growing list. This means those using the likes of Virgin Media, BT, Sky, EE, TalkTalk …

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Vodafone’s poor customer service leads to £4.6 million fine


Vodafone has been hit with a record £4.6 million fine in the UK after failing to provide adequate customer service. According to an extensive investigation carried out by Ofcom, the mobile carrier has breached consumer protection laws on multiple occasions, with poor pay-as-you-go service and failure to address its flawed  …

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