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Tech giants side with Samsung in Apple patent suit

Several massive tech firms including the likes of Google, Facebook, HP, Dell and eBay have all apparently sided with Samsung in its on-going patent dispute with Apple. According to a new report, the companies filed a ‘friend of the court’ briefing earlier this month, speaking out against the ruling that …

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Unity addresses ‘asset flippers’ in blog post

The Unity Engine has been used to power plenty of good games, ranging from indie hits like Thomas Was Alone, to Kickstarter success stories like Pillars of Eternity. However, recently the engine and more specifically, its asset store, have been placed in a somewhat negative light due to a shady …

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Google pushing ahead with plans for paid service

It seems that Google is pushing ahead with its plans to launch a paid YouTube service some time this year. So far, the company has signed up partners that make up around 90 percent of YouTube views, though apparently Google’s efforts on getting TV networks involved are falling a bit …

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Samsung shows off Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung is set to take on the iPad Air with its thinnest tablet ever in the form of the Galaxy Tab S2. The Lollipop powered tablet was announced this week, coming in a 9.7 inch model and an 8-inch one in an effort to compete with both the iPad Air …

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Microsoft delays its 84-inch Surface Hub

A while back Microsoft announced the Surface Hub, a massive 84-inch all-in-one PC with a 4K display, primarily for use in businesses for collaborative projects. Pre-orders have been live for a few weeks but unfortunately, it looks like Microsoft is going to miss its September shipping date. These displays cost between …

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GlobalFoundries introduces 22nm FD-SOI process technologies

GlobalFoundries on Monday introduced a family of fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) manufacturing technologies designed for customers seeking high performance and low design costs. The new fabrication processes promise to deliver performance of next-generation technologies with FinFET transistors, but at costs comparable to those of existing processes. GlobalFoundries calls its new family …

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Apparently Samsung wants to compete with Hololens

Samsung was swift to jump in to the virtual reality game, getting Oculus on board to build its GearVR headset for use with Galaxy smartphones. Now rumours are suggesting that Samsung wants to get in to augmented reality as well, with a head display product designed to compete with Microsoft’s …

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Hololens demo shows its potential for teaching

Microsoft’s Hololens hasn’t quite captured the online world’s imagination like the Oculus Rift, but augmented reality has just as much potential as virtual reality in the right hands. With Microsoft’s Hololens, it wants people to see it as much more than just an alternative to Google Glass. In a new …

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