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RGB lighting on Asus Aura Sync motherboards can be controlled in Corsair iCue Software

 Corsair has worked with Asus to enable the control of ASUS Aura RGB lighting through Corsair's own iCue software. By installing the Aura Sync utility with iCue, users can now synchronise the RGB lighting of all Asus Aura components with any Corsair components you may have installed. 

Corsair's iCue Software has an extensive set of features to customise the RGB lighting of compatible products. Thanks to its ease-of-use, anyone can customise their RGB lighting setup in a fast and simple way, or create synchronised “complex multi-layer lighting effects” in all of their Corsair compatible products.

Now, with Asus Aura Sync support, users are able to control “nearly every component in a PC” through iCue software. With this addition, all the RGB lighting control of the system is unified into a single interface, capable of “incomparable system-wide light shows”.

According to Corsair, besides the extensive RGB lighting control features, iCue software also provides system monitoring features for temperatures, fan speeds, and voltages. Users can then edit the fan curves and speeds to meet their thermal and acoustic needs.

Additionally, this software can be used to “expand the capabilities of CORSAIR peripherals” by fine-tuning compatible headsets, keyboards and mouses, create macros and remap buttons to the user's liking, and much more.

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KitGuru says:  Do you have Asus Aura and Corsair's iCue compatible products in your system?  Do you use Corsair's iCue software?

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